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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:52

He lifted his muscular frame up on his arms, his lips smeared with my arousal. All of his muscles were tight from holding his heavy weight, not to mention the adrenaline, arousal, and endorphins circling through his body. His body was as sexy as his face, as sexy as every inch of him.

He grabbed a condom from the drawer then rolled it onto his length.

I loved staring at his dick—so damn big. He made Lucian look like a boy, not that I cared if Lucian had a big dick or not. Even if he had, it wouldn’t make me want to fuck him. “Fuck me like this.” My hands shook because I needed Balto so much. I wanted him right on top of me, his lips hanging above mine as he rammed that impressive dick inside me. I wanted to smell him, to taste myself on his mouth.

With dark eyes, he moved between my legs and placed my ankles over his shoulders. He bent me at a deep angle, forcing the backs of my knees against his chest. His strong body kept my legs pinned against my front. I was a doll rolled up to his specific desires, and he would take me however he wanted.

He directed his length inside me and slowly sank in deep.

My nails dug into his muscular torso, feeling that big dick slide inside me with no resistance. That cock would never be able to fit inside so well if I weren’t so thoroughly wet. My panties had been soaked before I’d parked my car in his parking lot, and once he’d gone down on me for thirty minutes, my channel was so wet, soft, and tight. Now he got to enjoy it. “I love your dick…” I’d been with many men, but none of them had the moves Balto possessed. He didn’t just have the entire package—he was the entire package. I forgot about his mysterious persona because it seemed insignificant compared to all the wonderful things he did to me. I’d stopped caring about getting caught. I’d stopped caring about his dangerous Balto was. All I knew was being with this man was the only form of happiness in my life—and I wasn’t going to let it go.

“This is gourmet pussy right here…” He fucked me hard right from the beginning, my heels hanging over his shoulders. At this angle, he could drive me deep and hard into his mattress. His cock hit the perfect spot over and over, like ringing an invisible doorbell.

My toes curled in my heels and cramped as my pussy tightened around him once again. As if he hadn’t just made me come minutes ago with his mouth, my pussy exploded around him, soaking him with more arousal than I thought was possible. If I kept this up, I was going to be severely dehydrated. My nails clawed at his back as I finished, enjoying the best sex of my life. I pulled him deeper into me so I could come around his entire length, so I could squeeze him until he was bruised. “Balto…yes.” I loved whispering his name. I loved being with another man besides Lucian. I loved getting fucked good and hard just the way Evan was fucking someone. It made me feel like I had some of my life back, like I had some of my freedom back. It gave me something to live for—even if it was just sex.

He buried his face in my neck then finished, giving a quiet grunt as he filled the condom. “Mmm…” He left his entire dick inside me as he released, giving it to me lazily after all the work he did fucking me. He stayed there for a while until his dick softened. Then he pulled out of me and disposed of the condom.

Every time I came over, we ended up screwing more and more. Instead of wanting a quick hit-it-and-quit-it, we went at it like it was our last night on earth. Sometimes we didn’t even take a break when we finished. He got hard against minutes later, and he was back inside me. And if he wasn’t hard again, his mouth was me.

Now he lay beside me in bed, his sweaty chest rising and falling with his breaths. He was taking a break after making me come three times.

I stared at his perfect body, his trim lines and powerful physique. I’d never seen a man bred like that, so beautiful but so strong at the same time. He was gorgeous, handsome from head to toe. He had the most obvious ridges that separated his noticeable muscles. A god carved from marble, he seemed too sexy to be true.

I could stare at him all day.

His bed was more comfortable than the luxurious master bedroom I had for myself. I had a private bathroom, living room, bar, and I had a maid who would bring me anything I asked for—even chocolate-covered strawberries. I wasn’t really allowed to have those kinds of snacks, but Maria preferred me to her master, and it was a harmless betrayal.