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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:53

She gripped my ass and widened her legs as she came, pulling me deep inside her so she could come all over my length. Her cunt squeezed me hard, like a hand squeezed a lemon into a recipe. Her strength was impressive compared to her size, and she definitely had all the qualities to produce powerful sons—and fearless daughters.

Id’ never imagined a lover giving birth to children. It was the first time the thought had ever crossed my mind.

She opened her eyes and looked at me as she finished, her nipples hard like diamonds and her eyes drenched with inexplicable joy. Her hands went to my arms, and she held on as she finished, her hips bucking and her legs clenching. She pulled me closer to her and kissed my mouth as she finished, her lips soft but demanding.

Once I felt her lips against mine, my cock was pushed over the edge. I shoved myself completely inside her and released, filling another condom full of my seed. My arms scooped under her legs so I could deepen the angle, imagining that my come was filling her directly, just as I’d filled her mouth earlier.

She watched me come inside her, her fingers digging into the back of my head. “You look so sexy when you come.”

Because I was coming inside the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

I’d never fucked the same woman this much. Two rounds was my max, and even that was rare. I had screwed this woman many times, and every time she left, I looked forward to the moment when she returned. And I didn’t get pussy anywhere else in the meantime.

She pressed her palms against my chest and caressed my muscles as we both came down from our high.

I knew the instant I pulled out of her, she would leave. It was getting late, and if she was out past eleven, it would trigger suspicion. So I wanted to stay inside her forever. I wanted her to sleep over so I could have her first thing in the morning before I started my day. I wanted her naked body beside mine all through the night.

The idea of this beautiful woman sleeping alone seemed innately wrong.

She should be sleeping with me.

I pulled out and discarded the condom in the bathroom. Just as I’d expected, I heard her gather her clothes in the other room. Heels were picked up off the floor, and her dress made a gentle thud against my bed.

I should be pleased she was leaving. I could have a drink and go to bed without having a woman lie on top of me. I was a warm sleeper, so having a partner was always an annoyance. But I found myself even more annoyed that she was returning to her life of solitude.

Life was too short to be someone’s prisoner.

She should be the master, not the other way around.

I returned to the bedroom and pulled on my clothes.

She looked in the mirror on the bedroom wall and fixed her hair and makeup. She was supposed to be spending the evening out with friends or family, not getting fucked so much that her pussy would smell like latex for days. She had a small vial of perfume in her clutch, so she squirted that everywhere to cover up the scent of sex.

I watched her, my hands in my pockets and my eyes on her reflection. She spent so much time composing herself, pretending to be something she wasn’t. She had so much potential, but she refused to fight because she had no chance of winning. Mentally submitting as well as physically submitting was her best option.

Sometimes it was easier to accept your fate than to fight it.

But I suspected she was a fighter, even if she didn’t show it. She never would have sacrificed her life and freedom unless she was fearless, unless she was willing to fight to the end. Evan didn’t deserve it, but that didn’t make her sacrifice any less selfless.

I would never let a woman take my place—even if I didn’t love her.

Her eyes didn’t meet mine in the reflection. “You stare a lot.”

“When I have something to stare at.” I came up behind her, smelling sex on the back of her neck. It was heavy in the sweat that still clung to her skin. My sweat had rubbed against her body, and hers against mine. My sheets would smell like her until the maid washed them in the morning.

She closed her clutch and turned around. “It’s getting late…”

As if she needed to give me an explanation. I knew this routine better than she did. “I’ll walk you out.”

“You don’t need to do that every time. It’s not like I’m walking back to the bar—”

“Come on.” I grabbed her hand and walked her to the elevator. Now that my brother lived in the same building, I didn’t want them to cross paths unless I was there to act as a buffer. Heath would love to play games since we were twins. He’d gotten off on it in the past, offering himself to the women I dumped so they could have another night with me. He didn’t care if they were my leftovers. Pussy was just pussy to him.