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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:54

We rode the elevator to the ground floor and crossed the parking lot to where her Bugatti was parked. It was always sleek and shiny whenever I saw it, as if someone washed it every time she returned to her home. I knew that wasn’t for her benefit, but for her owner’s instead.

I stopped when we reached her car. “Tomorrow?” If her husband was gone until Tuesday, that meant she had the rest of the weekend. “I’m available during the day too, not just the evening.”

“I wasn’t sure when you worked.”

“I work all the time,” I said bluntly. After she left, I would check on a few matters. There was no such thing as rest for the wicked. Just when people thought I’d disappeared into the shadows, I reappeared again, showing them I was always there—even when they least expected it.

She didn’t ask about my job. She didn’t want to be pestered about her marriage, so she probably didn’t want to pry into my career. She already knew everything she needed to know—that I was a criminal. “I’ll text you.”

“I’ll text you first.” I opened the car door for her.

She sauntered close to me but didn’t lower herself into the seat. She stood in front of me, the summer air making the strands of her hair dance slightly. Since she’d reapplied her makeup, she looked ready for another round, like she hadn’t been fucked enough to begin with.

Made me want to finish the job. “I want more pictures.”

She was a sexual woman, but that comment made her blush. Her cheeks reddened slightly as she pursed her lips together. “I want pictures too.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” Her heels gave her extra inches in height, but she still had to rise onto her tiptoes to kiss me. I appreciated women in all shapes and sizes, but I liked her height. She was taller than the average woman, but since I was a big man, it made us much more compatible. Her hands slid up my arms, and she kissed me with her back against the car.

Just a simple kiss goodbye was enough to make me hard. I pressed the outline of my shaft against her, showing her how much I wanted her even though I’d had her plenty of times. This woman was so sexy, and the fact that she made me feel sexy only made her more desirable. Women wanted to fuck me for money or protection. This woman just wanted me for sex—for her own pleasure. I’d offered to kill her husband and fix all her problems, but she turned me down, because that wasn’t what she wanted me for.

She rocked her body slightly against me, those amazing tits feeling so incredible against my chest. Her kisses were soft and full of heated breath, her parted lips nearly trembling against mine. Her hands left my arms and explored my chest, her fingers digging into the hard muscles she’d spent the last few hours worshiping.

It was like the evening never happened.

We were back to square one, hard and horny.

Her fingers reached the front of my jeans and popped the buttons and the zipper.

I watched the desire in her eyes, seeing the way she wanted me—still.

She hiked up her dress and hooked it around my waist. My truck was parked on the other side of us, so we had privacy from the security detail. They would figure out what was going on, but they wouldn’t get a prime view. Right now, it didn’t seem like she gave a damn if anyone saw us.

I pulled a condom out of my pocket and rolled it on.

She watched me get the latex up to my base, her tongue swiping across her lips in the most seductive way.

I yanked her thong to the side and sank into her so easily, like we were still in bed together, wet and aroused.

Her nails clawed my arms, and she inhaled deeply, like she’d never felt me before. Her lips released a moan, and she rested her face against mine, silently relishing the goodness she felt between her legs.

I looked down at her in the darkness, my dick happy to be sheathed in its favorite place. I had a perfectly good bed upstairs, one that had been thoroughly used that evening, but now I got to fuck her against the Bugatti her husband bought her. I hoped there would be a smear from where I pressed her against the door, where I pounded her ass into the paint as I fucked her like she was mine.

She balanced on one leg while leaning her weight on my frame and rocked with me, breathing against my mouth as if I hadn’t just made her come four times that night. The breeze blew her hair into her face, but her red lips were still on display.