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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:54

My hand hooked under her knee, and I carried the weight for her as I pressed her hard against the side of the car. My cock was deep inside her, sliding through her overwhelming wetness. Not once had I fucked this woman without her being soaked. She was ready for me at all times, regardless of the time and place.

“Balto…fuck me.” She whispered against my mouth as she pushed my ass into her.

I scooted closer to her and gave her all my length, my body rubbing against her clit at the same time.

She grew louder and louder, the strap of her dress falling down her shoulder.

I wanted to see those tits as I fucked her against the car, but I didn’t want anyone else to. I pulled the strap back up and sealed my mouth against hers to keep her quiet.

She continued to moan against my mouth, but at least she was quiet.

We fucked like two horny teenagers after a date at the movies.

She pulled me tightly to her when she finished, her lips moving into my neck so she could smother her voice as she came. Her teeth sank into me slightly, like a vampire sucking my blood. Her nails scratched me with the same violence.

I gave her my final pumps as I pressed her hard into the car. Three thrusts later, I was finished, dumping my seed into the tip of the condom. My calves tightened and so did my ass. I’d had enough orgasms that night that I didn’t need sex for at least a week, but somehow, that climax felt as good as the first one I’d had that night.

She kept her face in my neck, clinging to me as she finished.

I slowly pulled out of her and hid my dick in my boxers and jeans. I’d have to dispose of the condom once I got upstairs.

She ran her fingers through her hair, her lipstick smeared and her eyeliner uneven. She’d just fixed herself up, but she looked thoroughly fucked all over again. She was cursed.

“Goodnight, baby.” I kissed her on the corner of the mouth before I turned away. If I stuck around, I would probably fuck her again, but since I didn’t have any more condoms in my pocket, that wasn’t possible.

Her breath came out shaky, like she hadn’t recovered from what had just happened. “Goodnight…”

That man did crazy things to me.

I never knew sex could be that good.

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I never knew a man could be that good.

I’d never been fucked against a car door in public, but I hadn’t hesitated before I’d hiked up my dress and locked my leg around his waist. My ass flattened against the door because he pressed me so hard into it. As if he hadn’t just spent the evening pleasuring me, he gave me one more climax for the drive home.

The second I walked in the house, I missed him.

Being a bird locked in a cage had never felt more agonizing. I’d talked myself into accepting my fate because it was easier than being miserable all the time. But now that I knew men like Balto existed, I realized how much I was missing.

I didn’t want to be under Lucian one more night. I didn’t want to kiss him goodbye like I actually cared he was leaving. I didn’t want to lie and pretend I was grateful for his generosity. I didn’t want to be his wife anymore. I’d never wanted to be his wife in the first place, but I despised it even more now.

Not when there was a man like Balto in the world.

Sometimes I fantasized about how different my life would be if I’d left Evan to his fate. Now that I knew there were so many possibilities out there, I realized I could have had any life I wanted. Even if I never married, I could be hitting the sheets with a beautiful man. Even if I never fell in love, I would still be happy. But that wouldn’t have happened either because I would have felt too guilty for betraying Evan.

No matter what decision I made, I lost.

I said hello to Maria before I went to bed. She was cleaning the kitchen even though it already seemed spotless. She was obviously keeping herself busy until I walked in the door because Lucian asked her to keep an eye on me.

To make sure I came home every night.

I went to bed and pulled out the phone Balto gave me. I miss you—every inch of you.

The three dots appeared instantly, like he’d staring at his phone in anticipation of my text. Every inch of me misses you too.

Case lived just outside of Florence in a two-story house that had been in our family for generations. It originally had belonged to my grandparents, but it’d been handed down the line until Case inherited it.