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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:55

He pulled his hand away from my shoulder, did something that I couldn’t see, and then pressed his wet thumb against my asshole. “I’m fucking this asshole next. It’s begging me to.” He kept pounding into me, his big dick hitting me so deep and hard.

Lucian had fucked me in the ass before, and I’d hated every second of it. It was painful and awkward. Taking it in the cunt was hard enough, but in the rear was just an excruciating experience. But when Balto wanted it, I didn’t object. I wanted him to fuck me however he wanted because he would make it feel so damn good.

He pressed his thumb inside my now-wet asshole and gently fingered me while his dick kept hitting me deep.

I arched my back in response, all the nerves firing off because his touch was exquisite. I’d never been fingered like that, but I liked it. My back arched deeper, and I thrust back into him as my hips started to tighten. “Balto…” I loved feeling his name on my lips. I loved screaming it into his bedroom, like I was giving a confession to a priest. I loved allowing myself to be free, to experience my sexual desires and to truly enjoy them. I slammed back into his cock. “Yes…fuck yes.” My head jerked back as he tugged on my hair. His thumb pressed deeper into me. I came around his dick harder than ever before, falling into such a state of bliss, I momentarily lost my sight.

He came with me, shoving every inch of his fat dick inside me as he filled the condom. His deep moan was quiet, but it was so sexy in its minimalist way. His thumb stayed inside me as he finished, his dick still pumping inside me slowly.

I kept my eyes closed as I enjoyed the everlasting pleasure between my legs. It was so good, so carnal, and I’d never felt more like a woman. I wished this was my life, coming to this man whenever I needed a fix. But I had to sneak around and pretend to be something I wasn’t. I had to hide in the shadows, sneak off whenever my husband was gone. This was not how I’d pictured my life.

He pulled out and disposed of the condom.

I stayed where I was, combating the pleasure as well as the depression. My panties stayed around my ankles, and my pussy continued to drip with arousal because I still wanted him—even though I was satisfied.

He returned, his feet thudding heavily against the hardwood floor. “If you keep that ass in the air, I’m going to fuck you again.” He came up behind me and smacked his large palm against my right cheek. He hit me hard enough to make me jerk forward, hard enough to leave a red print.

But I liked it. I liked having a man treat me like a hot piece of ass. “You’d better.”

His gripped both of my cheeks with his large hands and gave them a squeeze. Then he lowered himself to his knees at the foot of the bed and kissed my soaked pussy, licking and tasting the area.

My body tightened, and goose bumps grew up and down my arms. My fingers gripped the sheets, and I closed my eyes as I felt that warm tongue touch me the way I loved. My breathing picked up all over again, as if he hadn’t just fucked me good and hard. “Balto…”

Then his lips migrated upward to my asshole.

I tensed when I felt his tongue force me open, getting me wet on the inside.

A man had never kissed me like that before. “God…” It was strange but good at the same time. Only a man like Balto could pull it off. This man’s tongue was deep inside my asshole, and I actually liked it, something I’d never thought was possible.

He pulled his mouth away. “Ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Yes…” But I didn’t enjoy it.

He opened his nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube, his enormous dick hanging out and ready to go. He’d just screwed me, but he was ready to fuck all over again. Just like me, he could never get enough. He was always turned on, even the second he finished an orgasm.

He came up behind me, pulled my panties off all the way, and then rolled me onto my back. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed before he rolled on another condom. He squirted the lube onto his fingers then pushed them inside me, being just as aggressive with my back entrance as he was with as my front.

I moaned when I felt him, just as I did when his tongue was back there.

His fingers scissored inside me, forcing me to stretch apart. His blue eyes were glued to my face, his sharp cheekbones tense as he clenched his jaw. “You’re relaxed.” He pressed one hand against the sheets and leaned over me so he could get closer to my face as his fingers probed me.

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