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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:55

“Because I want you…in every hole you can fit that fat cock into.” That was a line I would never say in a million years. I didn’t even sound like me. But Balto turned me into a deranged sexual person, someone who needed him so deeply I was delirious. This relationship made my existence more bearable, but it also tortured me. It was the worst and best thing to ever happen to me.

His fingers froze inside me as his eyes turned territorial. He pushed those fingers deeper inside me, forcing me to take a deep breath as he penetrated me deeper. Then he leaned over and kissed me, kissed me with the tongue that had been in my pussy and asshole just minutes ago.

My hands snaked up his naked chest, and I kept my legs wide apart, my high heels still strapped to my ankles. I almost never took them off when I was over here. There was never enough time to unfasten before he was deep inside me.

He kissed me hard as he fingered my asshole, getting the globs of lube everywhere so he could fuck me good and hard. His fingers kept pushing farther inside me, making me drip back onto the floor between his feet.

He pulled his fingers away and positioned the head of his cock against my small entrance. His kiss ended, and he held his face above mine so he could watch my reaction. Slowly, he inched inside me, getting his thick crown past the entrance so he could slide deeper.

It hurt in the beginning, the way he stretched me as he crept deeper inside. The lube was necessary since I couldn’t produce my own lubrication there. It’d been a while since I’d had a cock in my ass, so it hurt, but it also felt good—because of him. I dug my nails into his chest and took a deep breath once he was completely inside me.

He straightened and gripped the backs of my thighs while every inch of his cock was buried inside me. “Your pussy doesn’t get special treatment, so your ass shouldn’t expect it either.” He slammed into me right away, pounding into my ass like it could handle all that dick.

I clutched his wrists and felt that enormous cock hit me so deep and hard. It hurt in the beginning, but once I saw all the muscles of his chest and torso working together so he could fuck me like that, the arousal came flooding in. My asshole loosened up so I could take all of him.

“Good girl.” His face tinted red as the arousal flushed his cheeks. The lube was enough for both of us to enjoy it, and my arousal kept me open wide enough to take him good and deep.

My head rolled back, and my tits shook as he hit me like an earthquake.

He scooted closer to me, getting every inch of his dick inside me with each thrust. He was making me take it all, swallow his dick whole. “Fuck…I can’t decide which I like best.”

I grabbed on to his hips and yanked him inside of me, wanting him to fuck me even harder.

His eyes narrowed at my enthusiasm, like he couldn’t believe a delicate woman like me would want my ass stuffed with his dick.

All I knew was that I wanted him—in any way I could have him.

His fingers moved to my clit, and he rubbed me aggressively, stimulating the part of my body that his pelvis usually touched. Right from the beginning, he was rough, rubbing my clit in a circular motion.

The penetration from his dick and his fingers was enough to give me a high greater than any other. I bit my bottom lip and felt my body explode in several places. His fingers made my clit throb with ecstasy, and his dick caused my nerves to fire with powerful pleasure. My nails clawed at him as I came, my body feeling joy in two completely different areas.

“My baby likes it in the ass…” He gave his final thrusts before he finished, coming inside my ass just as I finished my climax. He dragged me farther onto his dick as he exploded, like he wanted every single inch inside me as he finished.

Once he was gone, I felt his absence. He’d stretched me so wide apart, and then he wasn’t there…and I missed it.

He walked into the bathroom to clean off, so I helped myself to his shower to rinse. As long as I kept my hair dry and reapplied my makeup, Maria wouldn’t notice anything unusual. I stood under the warm water and closed my eyes, so satisfied that I could fall asleep where I stood.