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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:56

“I didn’t think you would mind…”

“I don’t.” His hand scooped under my shirt so he could feel my bare lower back. Then he pulled me in close and kissed me softly on the mouth. “Looks better on you anyway.”

My eyes moved to his naked physique. “I think I can agree with that.”

Like always, the corner of his mouth rose in a smile. “What do you want to drink? Scotch?”

“I don’t know how you drink that all the time. I’d be drunk out of my mind.”

“I’ve got an impressive liver.”

He cringed. “I’ll make you a martini.” He set the table with the drinks, and then we sat down together. He used his utensils but inhaled his food like a caveman.

I took my time and enjoyed each bite. “This is really good.”

He kept eating, picking up a slice of chicken with his bare fingers and placing it in his mouth. He devoured his food like he hadn’t eaten all day, like all the screwing zapped his energy.

His lack of manners didn’t turn me off. I wasn’t the least bit surprised, actually. “Thanks for making dinner.”

“Thanks for letting me fuck you in the ass.”

I rolled my eyes before I took a bite. “I didn’t put out for food.”

“Then why did you put out?”

“Because I wanted to.” And I’d let him fuck me in the ass again if he wanted.

He kept eating as his eyes darkened.

“I’ll be leaving soon. I know I’ve taken up most of your Saturday evening…” A man like him probably had a million things to do.

“If I want you to leave, I’ll tell you.” He held my expression as he slowly chewed his asparagus. Once he swallowed, he said, “Trust me. I’m not afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.” Even when he chewed, he was undeniably handsome. His jaw shifted with his movements, all the masculine angles of his face irresistible.

The truth was looking me in the face even though I tried to ignore it. This couldn’t go on forever, and now that Lucian was calling me and asking where I was, I had a bigger problem on my hands. If I kept up this affair, I would leave a trail. I wasn’t a deceitful person, so I wasn’t good at keeping a secret of this magnitude. Maybe Balto was, but I sure wasn’t. I’d enjoyed him as much as I could that afternoon, but now it was time to say goodbye. I suspected I wouldn’t run into him again by accident, and it was a surprise I’d run into him in the first place. “Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

He stopped eating, froze in place, and then slowly lifted his gaze to meet mine.

I immediately stiffened at the hostile look he gave me.

“Do I look like I’ve had a girlfriend?” His plate was almost clean with the exception of the bones. He left them on his plate like a small graveyard. He rested his arms on the table and examined me, like I had the audacity to ask how much money was in his bank account.

“I don’t like to draw conclusions.”

“I think, this time, it would be appropriate. And no, I haven’t.”

The reason he was so good in the sack was because he had so much experience with many different partners. All he knew was how to fuck—not how to love. Now I wondered that he’d made the right decision to stay away from monogamy. My last relationship had ruined my life. “I’m jealous.”

“Of what, exactly?” He grabbed his glass and took a drink.

“Your life. You just do what you want…when you want. If I’d never gotten involved with that jackass, I would have everything you have. I wouldn’t have a husband who keeps tabs on me, I would be able to sleep with whomever I wanted without sneaking around. I let a man into my heart when he only should have made it into my bed.”

He drank from his glass again, his eyes examining me. “There’s nothing wrong with loving a man—as long as it’s the right man.”

“Well…he definitely wasn’t the right man.”

“Not sure if he was a man at all.”

No…just a coward. “No disagreements there.”

“I could kill him for you. I don’t see any repercussions to that.”

My eyes held his gaze, but I could barely process what he’d just said. “What?”

“I said I would kill the asshole for you. His wife and kid too—if you really want revenge.”

The suggestion made me sick to my stomach. “That’s not funny.”

“I wasn’t trying to be,” he said, dead serious.

“I don’t have any ill will against his wife or kid…they had nothing to do with it. The insinuation is disturbing.”

“I warned you I was a bad man.”

“Yes…but I don’t believe you’re evil enough to kill innocent people.”

He finished his drink and left his empty glass on the table. “I’m evil enough to do anything. There’s no line I won’t cross. There’s no deed too cruel to commit. So, if you want me to make Evan disappear forever, I will. Maybe his wife and kid don’t deserve that fate, but he certainly does.”