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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:50:59

“You know that can’t happen.”

I hung up the phone then called her again using the camera. It rang a few times before she answered.

She lay on her side in a red t-shirt with her hair sprawled across the pillow. Her shirt had shifted to her tits so most of her belly was visible. The sheets were kicked down to her thighs, and I could see her cotton panties.

Right now, they were sexier than any other thong she wore. “This is how you look when you sleep? I really am missing out.” I positioned the phone beside me and pushed my boxers down until my cock was free.

She stared at my package, her eyes heavy with lust. She didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything I said because she only cared about what the way I looked.

I pulled out the lube from my nightstand then smeared it across the head of my cock then all the way to my base. My fingers got a good grip on my shaft, and I started to jerk myself, staring at the beautiful woman with her fingers deep inside her panties. The outline of her fingers was obvious through the material as they worked her clit.

I wanted her to remove her panties, but I also found the image extremely sensual. “Show me how wet your pussy is.” My fingers rubbed the lube across my shaft, pretending I was balls deep inside this woman. I’d never been with her without a condom, and now I could picture it so clearly, how all that slickness would feel around me.

She dug her fingers farther in, took a deep breath as they sank inside her, and then took them out to display them to me. Shiny and slick with arousal, her fingers reflected the light from the phone. They even dripped because she was so wet.

“Fuck…” My cock throbbed in my hands.

She put her fingers back into her panties and kept touching herself, her hips rocking with her movements. Her lips were constantly parted as she breathed through the exquisite pleasure her fingers gave her. Her eyes were locked on to my length, probably picturing that fat cock inside her.

Her hips started to rock more, and her moans grew in size. Sometimes, she would shut her mouth tightly to stop herself from being too loud.

If she were with me right now, she could be as loud as she wanted. She could come around my dick with as much enthusiasm as she could produce.

I was already ready to explode, and I’d barely touched my dick for more than a few minutes. But jerking off to her while she jerked off to me was one of the sexiest experiences of my life. I couldn’t have this woman right then, but I still wanted her so much that jerking off felt amazing. I preferred real pussy to my hand, but my hand was a much better substitute than another woman.

She came a moment later, her hips rocking in the sexiest way. Her entire body got into the motion, her head rolling back and her lips pressing hard together as she suppressed a volatile moan. “Balto…”

Hearing my name on her lips made me explode. I cupped my dick and came into my palm like a teenager. My hand still worked my length vigorously as I groaned, picturing every drop of come entering her slick pussy. I didn’t want to fill a condom anymore. I wanted to fill her all the way to the brim, to give her a cream pie so thick that it dripped across my sheets.

She watched me finish, her idle fingers still resting inside her panties.

I finished and grabbed a tissue from the nightstand because there was so much come that it was about to drip all over the place. I wiped my hand clean and turned back to the screen.

Her eyes were closed, and she was comfortable against her pillow. Her fingers remained in her panties because she was too tired to pull them away. She drifted off to sleep without even thinking of me, of hanging up or saying good night. She got what she wanted and had no other use for me.

Instead of hanging up, I stared into the phone and watched her sleep. She’d fallen asleep in my bed before, but never for very long. Right now, her body was relaxed because she was deeply at peace. Her lips were slightly parted, and her eyelashes were thick, even without her makeup. Her shirt was bunched around her waist, her fit stomach visible in the darkness.

If she were my wife, she would never sleep alone.

She would always be right at my side.

I’d had a long night so I was ready for bed, but watching her sleep was far too entertaining. I found myself enthralled by her classic beauty, by the sexy shape of her upper lip as it curved like a bow. There were subtle freckles across her body, tiny little stars in a sea of olive skin. I’d never laid eyes on a more perfect woman. If she were a prostitute, she could easily command a million euros a night.