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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:01

Balto texted me, like he’d been thinking about me just as I’d been thinking about him. Baby, why aren’t you on my dick right now?

The crass message wasn’t the least bit surprising coming from him. He’s home this weekend.

Too much of a pussy to show his face?

He didn’t text back for a while. The three dots didn’t appear on the screen.

It seemed like the conversation was over. If there was no possibility of sex, our conversation had no purpose.

Then his message appeared. Leave your bedroom window cracked.

My eyes widened in shock. Balto, you can’t be serious.

There are at least fifty men guarding the property.

I rolled my eyes. You are going to kill them all?

No. They’re a bunch of idiots. I’ll sneak right past them.

For them—if they see me. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.

This is a really bad idea.

Good. I like bad ideas.

I didn’t hear from him again. The dots disappeared, and I walked to the bedroom window to crack it just a bit. Summer was officially over, and fall had arrived. The nighttime air had a slight hint of coolness. I stared out into the darkness for a moment, wondering exactly how Balto would pull this off. But now that I’d seen him in action, there was no doubt in my mind he could make it happen.

He could sneak on to his enemy’s property—and fuck his wife.

Gunshots didn’t sound in the night, and he arrived within fifteen minutes like he promised.

Sneaking on to the property must have been as easy as he said it would be.

His muscled form appeared as a shadow as he emerged in front of the window. His large palms slid under the crack in the window, and he opened it silently so his large form could enter my bedroom. He shut the window behind him then stepped inside, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. He pulled a gun from inside his pants and set it on the dresser.

I only stared at him because I was surprised he’d pulled off that stunt so easily. This man was lethal, so lethal that he killed those two guards at the opera in dead silence. He’d managed to lose Lucian’s men as he made them follow him outside the opera house. This man wasn’t just a killer, but a skilled evader.

He stood at the foot of my bed and stared me down in the darkness, his blue eyes visible because they somehow projected their own light. While keeping his gaze locked on me, he stripped. He dropped his shirt before he moved to his bottoms, getting down to his beautiful, naked skin.

I stayed in bed, already naked under the sheets. His body wasn’t as visible as it usually was at his place because all the lights had to stay off. We couldn’t make it seem like anything was going on in my bedroom. Otherwise, it would attract notice from Maria or Lucian.

With his eyes full of possession, he hit the mattress with his knees, and then his body moved on top of mine. His large hand gripped the sheets and yanked them off my body until I was naked underneath him. His muscular thighs separated mine as he lowered himself on top of me, his hard chest hitting mine like a heavy boulder. His hand reunited with my hair, and he gripped it hard as he pressed his lips to mine.

And kissed me savagely.

Once I felt his mouth against mine, I stopped thinking about how dangerous this was and allowed my thighs to relax. I widened for him and allowed him to come closer, feeling his fat cock against my clit and stomach. This was so stupid and dangerous, but logic didn’t seem to matter. He was there, gorgeous and naked, and I hadn’t had him in so long, I was losing my mind.

He pressed his cock against my slit, feeling the slickness that oozed from the entrance. “My baby missed me.”

My ankles locked together against his back, and my arms circled his neck. “I always miss you.”

He kissed the corner of my mouth before he sucked my bottom lip between his. His hand tightened on my hair and yanked it a bit as he ground against me.

Now Lucian could barge through my bedroom door, and I wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop kissing this man, couldn’t stop my nails from piercing his skin. My ankles were locked together, and I would never let him go. I lived for these secret moments, moments where it was just the two of us and my life wasn’t so miserable. Balto gave me a reason to live, gave me something to look forward to. He pleased me so deeply and made me feel so beautiful.

He even made me feel safe.

He grabbed his length and guided his head inside me, his crown becoming smeared with my juice instantly. “I missed this pussy…” He slowly pressed inside me.