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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:01

My head was in the clouds, but I knew we were missing something important. “Balto, a condom.”

“No.” He held his head above mine, whispering so only I could hear his words. “Not anymore. I will come inside you as much as I please. You will walk around this house full of my seed, right under his fucking nose. And when he wants you, he’ll have to slide through my come to have you.” He sank farther without waiting for my permission

“But you might have something. I might have something.”

“I don’t have anything, and I’ll take my chances.” He thrust hard, shoving his entire length inside me with one swift hit. His bare skin slid past my slickness, sinking inside me easier than ever before because I was so wet.

I gasped against his mouth because it felt so good. Lucian fucked me without a condom, but I was dry like sandpaper and never enjoyed it. But now I felt this man intimately, felt his hot skin right against my channel. My thighs squeezed his hips, and I shut my lips tightly, doing my best to silence my moans.

He kept his hand anchored in my hair as he whispered to me. “Be as loud as you want. I hope he walks in and sees me balls deep inside you.” He started to thrust, shifting the mattress quietly as his fat cock moved in and out of me.

“Do you really want me? Or do you just get off on crossing him?” My nails clawed at his back because his dick felt so good. I could feel the thick vein down his shaft, the grooves along his length. I could feel his swollen crown even better than before because there was no latex separating us. Now that I’d had him without a condom, I could never go back. This felt a million times better—and it already felt so good in the first place.

“Both.” His strokes were even and purposeful, giving me good thrusts without making noise. Normally, he made the headboard crash against the wall, but tonight, he was making an effort to keep our movements quiet. Even with the inhibition, he was still amazing in bed. He still hit me in the right spot, every time.

His deep breaths filled the space between us, so masculine and sexy. He used his strong body to get his length deep inside me, coated with all the slickness my body produced. My fingertips could feel the muscles in his back tighten and shift every time he moved. He was a collage of muscle, so powerful in every inch.

“Baby, you’re going to come already.” His hand still hadn’t released my hair, like that was his favorite feature of mine. He used it like reins to control a horse. He was a stallion, and I was his mare. His brilliant eyes looked into mine with desire, a hint of violent possessiveness in the expression.

“It’s been so long…” My hand between my legs wasn’t good enough, not comparable whatsoever. I could picture him inside me all I wanted, but it was never close to the real thing. Now that I had him, every single inch, completely bare, it felt too good. My body was tightening automatically, and we’d been screwing for barely more than a few minutes. I felt my body snap as it tightened around his, squeezing his length so hard it must have hurt. All I felt was pleasure, and I moved my face into his neck to silence myself.

He yanked on my hair and kept my head against the pillow. “No.”

I shut my lips tightly and did my best to stay quiet, but that was so hard when I had the best climax of my life. I said his name, but thankfully, it came out as a whisper. “Balto…” My hips bucked against him, and I was fuller than I’d ever been. Now I was used to getting a huge dick deep inside me, and it made Lucian seem even smaller in comparison.

“Yes, baby.” He fucked me a little harder.

I grabbed his ass and yanked him deep inside me, biting my bottom lip as I did my best to keep quiet.

He didn’t want me to be quiet at all. If he had it his way, he would want Lucian to hear me scream in pleasure as I came around his dick.

When it passed, a rush of heat passed through me. Sweat formed at my collarbone, and my nails finally released the powerful muscles of his ass and back. I pressed my face against his in gratitude, thankful I’d finally been pleased after being abandoned for so long. My mouth found his, and I kissed him softly.

He kissed me back, and his thrusts slowed down. His fingers loosened in my hair, and he planted his palm against the mattress next to my body. His mouth turned enthusiastic, devouring my lips as his dick slid through the wave of moisture that had just released between my legs.