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The Skull King (Skull 1) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:02

I grabbed his ass as I widened my legs, pulling him deep inside me and making sure I got every inch. Sometimes he went a little too deep and it was painful, but his big dick turned me on so much that it didn’t stop me from taking him. “I want to feel you come inside me.” Every time Lucian filled me, I felt disgusting. But the idea of having Balto’s arousal deep inside me, sliding down my walls and filling my pussy all night long, sounded like the sexiest thing in the world.

He moved farther on top of me and moaned at my request. “Yes, baby.”

I tugged on his ass over and over, showing him the exact speed I wanted. It was nice and slow, but every thrust was purposeful and perfect. He slid through my moisture and hit me so deep every time.

I’d fucked him enough times to know exactly when he was going to come. His body slowed then tightened in preparation. He locked his eyes on mine as he shoved himself deep inside me, making sure he was buried as far as possible before he released. Then he shuddered, a masculine moan coming from the depths of his throat.

I could feel the heft of the weight as it filled me. It was a man’s climax, warm and substantial. Like his dry spell had lasted as long as mine, he’d been saving this load for me. Like a man being reunited with his woman, he gave me all his come as if it was reserved just for me.

He moaned again as he finished, his ass tightening under my fingertips.

I kissed him because it felt so good. My pussy was as satisfied as if I’d just had another climax. My body swallowed his come and kept it deep inside as if I never wanted to let it go. It was so much better than the condom catching his seed. I wanted to catch his seed every time.

His cock didn’t soften like it usually did. It stayed rock hard as he continued to thrust inside me, like that orgasm wasn’t even close to satisfying him. “Let’s see how much this pussy can take.”

He grabbed the back of my neck and pinned my face to the sheets as he rammed me from behind. He slammed me hard, his large cock hitting me even deeper at this angle.

I liked having my face in the sheets so the mattress could swallow my moans.

He spanked my ass as he moved hard, not caring about the slight squeak of the mattress with every thrust. His length thickened inside me just before release, and then he added another load deep inside my pussy. “Fuck…” His fingers squeezed the back of my neck hard as he finished, claiming me in several ways at once.

I closed my eyes as I felt another load fill my slit. It was the fourth load I’d taken, and I couldn’t keep any more come inside me. A lot of it had already dripped all over my sheets. The next morning, I would have to strip my bed and drop it in the washer on my own so Maria wouldn’t see the come everywhere.

She would probably figure out that Lucian wasn’t responsible for it.

His cock softened inside me before he pulled out. He rested on the balls of his feet as he stared at my pussy, seeing the come drip everywhere. “That is one beautiful cunt.” He gave my cheek a smack.

I rolled over onto my side, so satisfied I could barely move. Climax after climax had made up for my lonely week. It made up for the savage way Lucian had punched me in the gut. It was the first time I had been full of a real man, a man who filled me with come that turned me on all over again.

Balto left the bed and gathered his clothes from the ground.

I glanced at the clock on my nightstand. It was almost five in the morning.

He pulled on his clothes then tucked his gun into the back of his jeans. “It’s time for me to leave.”

Did he feel this sad every time I left his building? I moved to my feet and walked him to the window. “Be careful.”

The corner of his mouth rose in a smile. “I don’t need to be careful.”

“Your arrogance worries me sometimes.”

“My arrogance proves you never have to worry.” His hand slid under my hair as he kissed me. His mouth moved against mine softly, a contradiction to the hard way he’d fucked me for hours.

I was full of so much come, I could feel it start to drip down between my thighs.

He ended the kiss and opened the window. “Get some sleep, baby.”

That was all I wanted to do, collapse in that big bed with his scent wrapped around me.