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The Sicilian's Innocent Mistress Carole Mortimer 2022/8/5 17:02:18

As she had—or rather hadn’t!—during her own twenty-eight years? came her next taunting thought.

Well, okay, perhaps there didn’t have to be any reason for Luc’s determination not to become emotionally involved other than the same kind of decision she herself had made years ago not to become embroiled in any sort of long-term commitment!

But her decision had never been meant as a lifetime one….

Just accept it, Darci, she told herself; there is no other reason for Luc choosing to remain single all these years other than that he’s just having far too good a time being footloose and fancy-free to consider the alternative!

‘I thought you wanted to leave, Darci?’ Luc said pointedly as he stood beside the open passenger door, waiting for her to get in.

‘Sorry.’ She grimaced, throwing the blanket into the boot before striding round to slide economically inside the car, not even risking another glance at Luc as he stood looking down at her for several long seconds before moving to get in behind the wheel.

The drive back to London seemed even longer to Darci than the one coming out had been. She was totally aware of Luc’s brooding presence beside her as he steered them smoothly and efficiently back to the city.

Enforcing her earlier realisation that today had been yet another disaster as far as keeping her distance from Luc was concerned. She just couldn’t seem to stop herself, to resist, when he took her in his arms!

‘I’m coming up with you,’ Luc announced arrogantly, once he had parked the car outside her apartment building.

Darci gave him a sharp look. ‘Why?’

His mouth twisted. ‘Not for the reason you obviously think!’ he snapped derisively. ‘But I believe it’s time—past time!—that you told me what all this has been about,’ he stated as he got out of the car.

He had come to a decision on the drive back. A decision he had every intention of carrying through before he and Darci parted today. Probably for the last time…

He knew by the way her gaze suddenly avoided his that he hadn’t been mistaken in his conclusions concerning Darci’s unpredictable behaviour the last few days. There really was something behind the way she kept blowing hot and then cold—literally!

‘I’m not leaving until you tell me the truth, Darci,’ he warned her harshly, after opening the passenger door for her to get out.

Which she did reluctantly. ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, Luc—’

‘Darci, the people who know me well,’ he cut in, deceptively mildly, ‘would tell you that my present mood is not a good time for you to continue to be economical with the truth.’

‘To lie, you mean?’ she challenged.

He gave a terse inclination of his head. ‘To lie,’ he confirmed grimly.

‘How dare you?’ She turned on him, those green eyes sparkling angrily. ‘I—’

‘And no amount of feigned anger on your part is going to distract me from getting a truthful answer from you,’ Luc assured her softly.

‘Feigned?’ she repeated furiously, her hands clenched at her sides, those magnificently full breasts surging up and then down as she breathed agitatedly. ‘Let me assure you, Luc, that I don’t have to pretend to be angry with you. Most of the time that’s exactly how I feel!’

He smiled tightly. ‘And the rest of the time you are liquid desire in my arms…’

‘No, I don’t think so, Darci,’ he advised, and he caught her arm as her hand arced up with the obvious intention of slapping his face. ‘We are attracting attention,’ he warned her. He knew they were the focus of avid glances from the couple in the process of walking past them down the street.

Colour warmed Darci’s cheeks as she gave the couple a frowning glance. ‘You’re the one who’s attracting their attention, Luc,’ she hissed heatedly. ‘Not surprisingly, when you’re the great, the legendary Luc Gambrelli—’

‘That is enough!’ Luc bit back harshly, his fingers tightening painfully about her arm as he clamped her to his side to march her forcefully into her apartment building. ‘Don’t!’ he warned Darci as she would have protested, aware of just how close this woman was to making him lose his temper completely.