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The Sicilian's Innocent Mistress Carole Mortimer 2022/8/5 17:02:19

‘Oh, God, no…!’ she protested achingly, even as her thighs moved restlessly against his.

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‘Tell me.’ Luc deliberately swept his thumb across the very tip of her nipple, and watched as the ripples of pleasure washed over and through her.

She released a shuddering breath, her eyes closing. ‘Touch me…’ she groaned. ‘For God’s sake, touch me! Take me in your mouth, Luc!’ She rubbed her silky thighs encouragingly against his.

‘Look at me, Darci,’ Luc instructed huskily. ‘I want you to watch as I pleasure you.’

Darci raised heavy lids, her gaze caught and held by Luc’s as he lowered his head and flicked his tongue moistly across her nipple. Her knees almost buckled at the waves of heated pleasure that coursed through her body.

They did buckle as she watched Luc place his lips over that peak before he drew it full into his mouth and began to suck, and all the time that brown gaze locked with hers, and the hardness of his thighs pressed against her ever-increasing wetness as she burned and ached for his full possession.

She wanted him deep inside her—wanted him to release her from this pleasure that was becoming almost painful as it intensified and swirled over and in her.

She felt hot, so hot, and so achingly wet between her thighs. Her cry was one of longing as Luc’s mouth left her and she saw the full, thrust of the nipple he had just suckled to full erection.

‘Tell me what else you want, Darci,’ he encouraged as his tongue once again rasped moistly against that fullness.

‘Touch me again, Luc!’ she groaned.

‘Where?’ He stroked his tongue over her other nipple, setting off more ripples of heated pleasure. ‘Tell me, Darci. Show me!’ he urged roughly, and he released one of her hands to bring it downwards.

She hesitated only fractionally before taking his hand from her other breast and moving it lower, much lower, placing it against her silkiness, showing him exactly what she wanted. Needed. Hungered for.

Her back arched, her head falling back as Luc touched the very centre of her, the soft pad of his thumb finding that hardened nub. He began to caress her, lightly, rhythmically, before he increased the pressure and fire threatened to ignite and explode.

She thought she would explode as Luc’s tongue laved across the aching hardness of her nipples, first one and then the other. With the same hypnotic rhythm his hand caressed her, and he entered her with two fingers, those deep thrusts reaching into the very heart of her, touching off waves of sensation that took her to the edge of trembling completion.

‘Oh, oh, oh…!’ Darci cried as Luc’s thumb continued to caress and rub her sensitive nub as he took her higher and deeper into the realms of sensual pleasure.

Luc gentled the thrusts of his fingers before removing them completely when he felt Darci’s inner tightness start to contract with the ripples of impending release. ‘Not yet, Darci,’ he murmured huskily as she looked down at him with mute pleading; she hadn’t begged nearly enough yet! ‘Remember my fantasy of that first evening, Darci?’ he reminded her lazily. ‘Remember…?’ he prompted, and he dropped down onto his knees in front of her.

His gaze held hers as he slipped her silky panties down the lean length of her thighs to throw them to one side and then place one of her legs over his shoulder, completely exposing the moist and swollen pink lips of her full arousal to his gaze…and his mouth.

He laved his tongue over her hardened nub, first strongly and then with gentle sweeps, tasting her as her juices flowed. His tongue was deep inside her now, with strong, hard thrusts that he could once more feel taking her to the edge of sobbing release.

Again he stopped, looking up at her with dark eyes as her hands closed convulsively about his shoulders. Her gaze was feverish as she looked down at him imploringly.

Luc sat back slightly before reaching up to cup the fullness of her breasts, watching Darci’s face as his thumbs moved across her nipples in a brief caress. He saw her breath catch in her throat even as a spasm of renewed pleasure coursed through her. Luc knew exactly what she wanted from him as her hands tightened on his shoulders and she drew him towards the dewy warmth of her moistness.