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The Sicilian's Innocent Mistress Carole Mortimer 2022/8/5 17:02:24

He drew her a little closer to him, moulding her hips against his. Darci gave him a startled look as she obviously became aware of his arousal. ‘Why don’t we forget our argument of earlier, Darci?’ he encouraged throatily. ‘And just relax for the rest of this evening while we enjoy the romance that is Paris?’

Darci didn’t dare allow herself to relax around this man—let alone allow the romance of the Parisian evening to invade and seduce her senses!

Although she knew that might prove a little difficult when Luc took advantage of an open door to dance her outside onto a deserted terrace. Her breath caught in her throat as Luc took her hand in his to draw her over to a more private corner and look across the rippling reflections on the Seine to the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower, illuminated by the hundreds and hundreds of lights that shrouded the steel structure in wonder and beauty.

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ she breathed softly.

‘Very beautiful,’ Luc murmured huskily.

Darci turned to look at him, her cheeks becoming warm, her mouth dry, as she found that Luc was looking at her rather than the lit-up landmark.

She shook her head. ‘I don’t think—’

‘No—don’t think!’ he advised gruffly, his eyes darkly compelling as he took the step that brought his body close to hers.

His heat, his overwhelming sensuality, at once invaded her already raw and battered senses as his arms drew her even closer.

Darci couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak as she lost herself in the mesmerising dark depths of his eyes seconds before he bent his head slightly and his mouth claimed hers in a kiss that was both searing and seductive.

It was too much for her to resist after days of only knowing Luc’s scathing anger and cold displeasure, and her lips parted beneath Luc’s even as her body instinctively curved into his much harder contours, his hard arousal pressing against the welcoming softness of her abdomen.

It was heaven to be kissed by Luc again, to allow herself to relax in his arms, to feel his lips and tongue exploring her, tasting her, as if he couldn’t get enough of her.

Luc drew his lips from Darci’s to trail a path of fire, of desire, down the column of her throat. ‘I’ve been wanting to do this ever since you appeared earlier in that scandalous dress—’

‘It isn’t scandalous,’ she groaned protestingly.

‘No?’ he prompted teasingly as he looked down at the fullness of her creamy breasts. ‘What, exactly, are you wearing beneath it?’ he pressed huskily.

‘Exactly?’ she echoed ruefully.

‘Exactly.’ He nodded, his eyes very dark.

Darci moistened her lips before answering, and Luc’s heated gaze followed the sensual invitation. ‘The dress is so clingy that I—Just a pair of panties,’ she confided.

‘Just a—!’ Luc broke off, his breathing slightly ragged now. ‘No wonder I’m far from the only man here tonight who can’t take his eyes off you,’ he said, knowing he hadn’t been comfortable with other males even looking at her.

She blinked up at him. ‘You can’t take your eyes off me, Luc…?’ she echoed.

‘I can’t look at anything else!’ he confirmed, and his tongue tasted her perfumed skin, his teeth gently nibbling, moving, so that his body was shielding hers completely as one of his hands moved to cup one of those tempting breasts and he felt her body quiver in response to the intimacy.

Her breast fitted perfectly in his hand, her skin so smooth and creamy. His fingers dipped beneath the clinging material and he ran them over the sensitive tip of her breast, his mouth moving up to once again capture hers as she groaned her pleasure at his caresses.

She felt so good, so full and heavy—her nipple thrusting tight and rigid against the palm of his hand, her mouth hot and moist as he thrust his tongue deep inside.

He wanted to touch her bare skin, needed to feel her heat against him. He pressed her back against the balustrade to move between her slightly parted legs, slipping the straps of her gown down to let the soft material of the dress fall to her waist. He bared her breasts to him, before stroking the soft pad of his thumb across the tautness of her nipple, feeling Darci’s arousal as she moved her thighs against him in silent entreaty. Her lips parted wider for his kiss, and his tongue thrust even deeper inside her mouth, possessing her, claiming her, as he moved the hardness of his erection restlessly against her increasing heat.