His Baby

author:Cassandra Dee, Kendall Blake Genre:romance Last update time:2022/8/2 5:55:47

When Mace Jackson walked into my exam room, my jaw dropped. This was my new patient? Suddenly, being a urologist has never been so much fun. Melissa: I've been slaving away for the past 10 years -- after medical school, there was residency, then an internship, then specialized training. As a result, I'm a thirty year old woman with no possibilities in sight. And did I mention that I'm completely babycrazy? But the answer to my dreams just walked in the door. Because my new patient Mace Jackson is hot. With shoulders as broad as a tank. A deep, powerful voice. And something all his own. I know he can give me a baby. Not one baby ... not even two or three ... Instead, my goal is TEN BABIES with the handsome alpha male! Hey Readers – This novella turns the doctor trope on its head because our sassy heroine’s the physician in this story. As always, it’s a totally crazy, taboo to the hilt romance that’ll leave a sugary sweet taste in your mouth. Bonus books included. Love, Cassie and Kendall