#Babymachine (Baby Crazy 1)

author:Cassandra Dee Genre:romance|billionaireromance Last update time:2022/8/2 6:02:59

Rule Number One: Don’t tell your boss that you’re expecting. Rule Number Two: Don’t tell your boss that the baby’s his. Rule Number Three: Most importantly, DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. #ThisIsNotARomanceNovel. Beth’s a shy librarian working for Carlton Corp, Mason Carlton’s mega-corporation. But when Mr. Carlton pays her an unexpected visit, suddenly all bets are off. Mason Carlton’s looking for a good time, and the curvy girl’s his number one choice. But what happens when she finds out he’s made a bet with his friends, and that she’s the prize? Hey Readers -- This is a re-release of "The Black Book". A 60k full-length romance filled with emotional ups and downs, a secret baby, and of course, a happily ever after! There's also novellas for your reading enjoyment. You’ll love this one, I promise :) xoxo Cassie and Katie