#Babymaker (Baby Crazy 2)

author:Cassandra Dee Genre:romance|billionaireromance Last update time:2022/8/2 6:04:42

He’s my fertility doctor, but I can’t afford expensive fertility treatments. But there’s a solution -- my doctor says he’ll put a baby in me the old-fashioned way! Connie’s a twenty-something virgin desperate for a baby. But she can’t afford the steep prices at Chase Roman’s fertility clinic. Dr. Chase Roman has wanted a child of his own for a long time. And when the curvy girl steps into his office -- suddenly all bets are off -- because Connie would be the perfect mom to his brood! Hey Readers – Hold your horses because we’re off the reservation with this one :) Our heroine wants to get pregnant so bad that she’s willing to do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, to make her dream come true. We’ve included a never-before published bonus story called "His Princess" for your reading enjoyment. You’ll love it, we promise :) xoxo Cassie and Katie