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Drive Me Crazy (Holland Springs 1) Marquita Valentine 2022/8/3 13:29:47

He snagged his cooler. “Sounds great.”

“You are a really bad liar, Carter. Only Zoe’s worse than you, which might be why she always loses at Bullshit.” She brushed up against him. “Plus, your momma and Evangeline said they would babysit SmithAnn for the entire weekend.”

“What about feeding her?”

“All taken care of.” She held up a clear tube. “Breast pump to the rescue of parents needing a night or two off.”

Oh yeah, he liked how she thought. “Do we have to stay for cards?” He pressed her against the island and set his cooler on the granite countertop.

She made little circles on his chest with her finger, peering at him through her lashes. “Not if you don’t want to.”

He lifted her easily and set her down beside his cooler, bracing his hands on either side of her. Her br**sts rose and fell as her breath quickened. “I want to have lots”—He nuzzled her shirt to one side and kissed a heavy breast—“and lots of alone time.”

“Sometimes SmithAnn’s naps can last a really long time.” Melanie unbuttoned her shirt, her lacy bra doing things for his dick that he greatly appreciated.

Just as he unfastened her bra, SmithAnn began to cry. He let his head fall to Melanie’s chest. Breathing in her coconut scent didn’t help things.

“I’ll get her,” Melanie said on a sigh. “She probably did a lot more than grunt and burp.”

“Nah, she’s just determined to drive me crazy like her momma does.” He helped his wife down from the island. “How about I get this one?”

Biting the side of her lip, she shook her head. “I am one lucky woman.”

“You sure are.” Smiling, he kissed her.