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Third Time's a Charm (Holland Springs 3) Marquita Valentine 2022/8/3 13:31:27

“Get what you like, darling,” he called out.

A feminine hand clasped his and he turned his head. Rose stood by his side, beautiful blue eyes shining as she smiled. Her booth’s merchandise had sold out within an hour of opening. Carolina Dreams was more popular than ever and so were Rose’s famed match-making skills. She’d sent seven couples in the last three months to the spring and all seven had come back engaged.

“Ivy, come away from there before you knock something over.”

Ivy’s bright yellow bow quivered in her hair as she ran to them, chubby little legs fast and sure. “Mummy!”

Rose caught Ivy up with in hug, then set her down and smoothed out her skirt.

“A one year old doesn’t need cheesecake,” Rose pointed out, a slight smile on her red lips

“She’s nearly two.” At Rose’s frown, he quickly said, “I wasn’t actually going to let her have any.”

Ivy’s little brow furrowed as she tugged at Rose’s Dior skirt, then pointed at the booth. “Eat cake, daddy!”

“Really?” Rose crossed her arms over her chest.

He gave Rose his most innocent look. “I wanted it to be a surprise for you.” He walked over to Daisy and threw out his arms, waving his hands at the display. “Surprise.”

“’Prise,” Ivy shouted, mimicking him.

Daisy shook her head, bright orange strands slid to one side and she tucked them behind an ear. “You’ve already eaten two slices. Pay up.”

Rose snorted and took Ivy’s hand. “Let’s go before daddy thinks of any more surprises that get him in trouble.”

It warmed his heart to see the two of them together. So close, so loving…and stylishly dressed. There was something to be said about a man who was content. Who was in love and completely infatuated with his wife. With his daughter. With his entire life.

He loved taking care of Ivy and staying abreast of the progress of the hospital being built in his mother’s old village. Bringing Rose lunch was one of the highlights of his day. Having her in his bed every night was beyond compare.

Rose glanced at him over her shoulder, curly black hair tumbling down her back and her yellow diamond ring catching the sun. “Let’s go, Mr. Holland.”

“Be right there, love.” Tonight he would really surprise Rose by taking her away on a belated honeymoon. And Ivy, of course. He glanced down at his own wedding band, then grinned and strolled after them.