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Be Mine (Holland Springs 6) Marquita Valentine 2022/8/3 13:33:27

“Heard he charges too much for produce down at the farmer’s market.” Quincy Earl? What was so special about him?

Was that it? The man cheated people out of money. “He makes his dog sit in the bed of his truck, instead of up front with him.” Now he was reaching for stuff, because everyone had their dog sit in the bed of the truck. They were trained for it.

“Maybe he wants to leave some room for a young lady,” his dad pointed out.

“Maybe,” Caleb replied with a shrug. But inside, jealousy was eating him up. “I think I’ll go tell Sofia how much I like her chicken salad.”

As he strode toward Sofia, like a man on a mission, he didn’t miss his dad’s chuckle. Or the fact that he’d been manipulated by the sly dog.

But sometimes, a man needed a kick in the pants.