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Rescued by the Ranger (Camp Hardwood 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/5 16:51:22

He tells me to do it but does it himself using my own fingers. The lips of my sex part and my breath catches when cool air grazes it.

“That little clit of yours always wants me.”

He’s right. I want to please him, but again my clit throbs with need. It’s begging for his attention and I think I’m addicted to him and the things he makes me feel.

“I need you,” I admit.

This isn’t wanting, it’s more than that. I bite my lip feeling a little shy that maybe I am being too desperate and I’m going to scare him away. A sound rumbles from deep inside of him and I can only hope that he needs me too. It looks like he’s all alone out here in the woods and that has to be lonely. Maybe he likes the quiet life up here? When I used to try and watch him from a distance and he’d come to camp to see Mrs. Cyprus he seemed so quiet and kept to himself.

He starts to pump his cock and more cum leaks from the tip. I watch as it slides down the head and I want it. As if reading my mind, he brushes the tip against my clit and I jerk at the sensation. I’m still sensitive from all the orgasms he keeps giving me. I don’t know how but he pulls them from my body one after another.

He pumps faster and more creamy pearls appear on his thick head. It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever seen and the way he pours cum from it makes me think there’s an endless supply.

“I’m going to make sure you always need me and that you can’t go free.”

I think his words are meant to be dark and maybe to scare me, but all they do is get me off. My orgasm floods me as his warm release covers my tender skin. His eyes lock with mine and I can’t read the expression on his face. It’s so intense and I can’t pull my eyes from his. I’m lost to lust and maybe something more and I never want to be found.

His hand slides between my legs as he rubs his cum into my skin. Now I know what he meant when he said he didn’t want to wash himself from me. He likes his cum on me and it feels like his way of staking his claim. He goes as far as pushing his cum inside of me and I groan. Moose is barbaric at times, but maybe living out in the woods made him that way. My pussy clenches around his finger as he pushes more of his warm release into me.

“Don’t wash this off,” he tells me. “Only I clean you.”

I’d probably agree to anything he asked me to do. How can I have only known him for such a short time but be willing to do anything for him?

“That’s my good girl,” he says softly as he pulls me from the counter and back on my feet. He dresses me in one of his shirts and then gets dressed too. My heart races as panic rises up my throat.

His phone rings before he can answer and I know I have to go back. I drop my head to look down at my bare feet, unable to process what I’ll do if he’s not with me. How can I go on after knowing this feeling inside of me and then have it ripped away?

He answers the phone but the only thing I can hear is the pounding of my heart in my ears as it begins to break.

“Is your radio not working?” Ford asks on the other end of the phone.

I walk out of the room and onto the front porch. I don’t want to worry Zara but I’m going to have to face this at some point.

“Truthfully, I don’t know. The power went out last night and it didn’t charge.” I glance over my shoulder, hating even this small distance between us. “I’ve got just enough battery on my phone for this call so say what you need to.”

“Is Zara okay? Honey has been worried.” He sighs and I can hear her in the background asking follow-up questions.

“Yeah, I made sure she’s safe.” Flashes of her naked and riding my cock enter my mind without warning and I have to bite back a moan.

“Good. Are you on your way to bring her back?”

I knew this part would come and yet, I’m not ready to face it. I want to stay in this cabin and lock out the rest of the world, even though I know that’s not realistic.

“We’re about to leave.”

I don’t confirm that I’m bringing her back because I’m not. I’m going to let her get her things and then we’re coming right back here. I don’t know yet how I’m going to break the news to Ford and Honey, or Zara for that matter.