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Rescued by the Ranger (Camp Hardwood 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/5 16:51:23

“You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

I slide my hands down her naked hips. It’s been difficult for her to put on clothes being so big and she refuses to let me dress her. So while we’re at home she’s naked so that she doesn’t feel so restricted.

Her breasts are so swollen and already producing milk, which she uses to feed me. When it came in so soon the doctors thought it would be good to relieve them so that she didn’t slow down the supply for when our son arrives. So throughout the day I get to feast on her and suckle her sweet milk as she rides my cock. Her pussy is a constant source of need, but every time she gets off, the pressure along her belly eases. So not only do I drink her milk, but I drink from her pussy to keep her sated and comfortable. And in between those times, I rub her body and do what I can to make it easier on her.

I push my shorts down my legs as she sits on my thighs. Instantly, drops of sweet cream drip from her ample nipples and I lean forward to clean them for her.

“Our son is going to be so well fed,” she says as I latch on to one and drink from her.

She moans, rolling her head back, and I slick my cock into her wetness. I hold her hips and help her lower herself onto my length until I feel the syrupy heat of her pussy wrap around the base. When she’s seated all the way down I use my fingers to strum her clit. I can’t fuck her hard because she can’t take the pressure, but she likes to be on my cock when she cums.

She holds her engorged breasts to my mouth for me as I play with her pussy. I move from one to the other, lapping at her cream while she cums easily with only the barest of touches. But this is only the first of many she’ll need and I’m more than happy to oblige.

I move my hands from her pussy to around her back and I rub the muscles at the base of her spine. She aches here the most with how big our boy is, and she moans loudly when I comfort the tight flesh.

I lean back and lick my lips as I stare at her reddened nipples. She reaches out and wipes my chin with what I can feel is escaped milk. I smile at her and she smiles at me sweetly, rubbing her hand down my face.

When her back is eased for the moment I go back to her pussy and give her another orgasm. When she cums, this time I watch as the tiny milky drops release from her and roll onto her belly. I spread them around and smear them into her skin, knowing I’ll kiss her here later and she’ll be sweet.

“I’m so fat everywhere,” she complains, rocking her hips slowly.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Now more than ever.” She gasps as I take her off my cock and carry her in my arms to our bedroom.

“I still have another hour before I have to come back to bed,” she whines and pokes out her bottom lip.

“You can get up after I lick your pussy,” I say and kiss her sweetly. “But you know I can’t have my milk without my cookies.”

She smiles as I lay her down and then move between her legs. She’s got pillows piled up behind her but she still can hardly see me eat her pussy over her belly.

I don’t waste any time getting between her thighs and licking up her syrup until she cums again. I grip my cock tight and jack it off to the sounds of her pleasure. When I’m close I sit up and hold the tip against her clit so I can coat her pussy with it. She moans and wiggles under me as she feels the pulses of my release against her clit.

“There.” I smear it all over her and even push some inside. But we both know this leads to more play that will keep us in here all day.

“I’m full again,” she calls, her hands moving over her swollen breasts.

I nod as I kneel on the side of the bed, ready to do my duty as her husband and claim my right as the father of our child. I leave one hand between her legs, petting her clit as I suck one nipple and then the other. Her small hand wraps around my cock and we both take time to play until I’m inside her again.

There’s no rush and no place to be as I enjoy the newfound pleasures of my wife. Our lives are already so full and happy that I can’t imagine it can get any better, but soon enough we’ll meet the next chapter of our lives. As long as I’m on this earth with my Zara by my side, nothing can keep me from having the life I always dreamed of.