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Rescued by the Ranger (Camp Hardwood 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/5 16:51:20

“Did they send you to look for me?” I should probably tell him he can put me down but I don’t want to because it feels so good right where I’m at.

“You said you weren’t hurt.” His eyes flick to my neck and I touch the place he’s looking at. When I look at my fingers I see a small smear of blood.

“It’s just a scratch.” I shrug it off and focus on the water dripping down his body. His face is full of concern.

“Where else are you hurt?” He takes a few steps and then sits me down on a soft chair. “I’ll need to check you over. Clearly I can’t trust you to tell me the truth.”

He falls to his knees in front of me, making us almost eye level. As he pulls away my wet shirt all I can think about is that his hands are on me. He checks me over with care and I’ve never had someone be so worried about me. It’s all I can do to hold still.

Her wet shirt falls to the cabin floor and I know I told her I need to look her over, but this is wrong. I’m going to make sure she’s okay, but deep down I’m doing this so I can see her. All of her. One look at those blue eyes scared in the middle of the woods and I knew I had to protect her and keep her safe. And that I needed to be inside her.

Her skin is pink from the cold as I hold her arms out and run my eyes over her. She’s all mine. I’d radioed down when I’d spotted her and alerted everyone I’d found her. No one would be looking for her for awhile since they knew she was in my hands.

“Stand up.” My voice is deep and I have to swallow as the thick desire threatens to climb out of me.

She does as I ask without question and my fingers shake a little as they go to the button on her cutoff shorts. I pull the soaked denim off of her hips and drag it down her thighs. She kicks off her shoes at the same time and I can see a pool of water in them.

Twisting her fingers together in front of me, she looks down to where I’m kneeling. I make a show of looking her over thoroughly and take my time. I slide my hands down her thighs and around to the back before I take a shuddering breath.

“Turn around.” I don’t recognize the sounds coming from me because this can’t be real.

This perfect creature can’t look at me with those big blue eyes and pouty lips. With wet blond hair clinging to her body she stands here in cotton panties and a bra so thin I can see her dusky rose nipples tight and small through it.

With slow precision she turns around to face the chair, but when she looks back at me over her shoulder she bends over. Her hands grip the arms of the chair and she pushes her ass back. “Can you check my bottom?”

My mouth waters and I clench my fists at my side, willing myself not to touch her. She’s too young, too clean. My dirty work hands shouldn’t be allowed to build her a home, let alone touch something so innocent. But even as I tell myself this, I can’t stop my hands from moving forward. I’m desperate with a need so strong a thousand men could come through that cabin door and I wouldn’t be moved.

“Does it hurt?” I lick my lips as I run my fingers along the edge of her. I tug the wet elastic until they’re at the top of her thighs and her ass and pussy are right in front of my face.

“Yeah,” she says, widening her legs. “Real bad.”

“Goddamn,” I breathe, running a hand down my face and wiping the drool off my chin with the back of it. “You trying to break a man?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had one before.”

My chest tightens as I think about this sweet little thing walking around after I’ve fucked her. Her legs bowed, thighs sore; I bet she wouldn’t sit for a week. My cock strains so tight against my wet jeans that there’ll be a zipper mark all the way down it.

“You can’t talk like that, Zara.” I slide my hands up the sides of her thighs slowly until I reach her hips. I grab on to them and jerk her back so she’s closer to my mouth. “You keep telling me things like that and I don’t know what I’ll do.”