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Rescued by the Ranger (Camp Hardwood 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/5 16:51:21

“Don’t hurt yourself,” he snaps.

“Then let go and give it to me.” His eyes narrow on me as I realize I just got smart with him.

“You’re a greedy little thing, aren’t you?”

I might be short but I’m not little. I guess compared to him, though, everyone is. His lips twitch for the first time and I think he’s about to smile.

“Please.” I try to inch closer to his cock with my mouth, but his hold on my hair is firm.

I’m not going anywhere unless he lets me, and while the thought would normally scare the crap out of me, for some reason with Moose my body is having a whole new reaction. Right now I’ll do anything to be trapped in his hold.

The smirk drops from his lips. “Open that pretty mouth. I’m going to give it to you slow.”

I do as I’m told and open my mouth wide for him.

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” His voice is so low, but I catch the shake of desire in it.

I don’t know how I could hurt myself, but I trust him to take care of me.

“Fuck. You’d do anything I asked you to, wouldn’t you?”

I nod again as I stare at his cock and he lets me move closer. I should have known that the moment I saw him I would follow his every order. One look at him and he had a pull on me even from a distance. He saved me, had his mouth all over me, his rough hands on my skin, and now I’m his. He checked me over with tender care until I baited him into more and now he owns me. It doesn’t matter if he wants me or not, because there is only one man my body will obey.

“Open wider if you’re going to take me.”

I open as far as I can as he presses the tip of his cock into my mouth. It isn’t going to fit, but I’m going to try to make it work one way or another. It could be why he’s worried about me getting hurt, but it also makes me wonder how he’s ever going to fit inside of me. He’s a big man all over and I can barely get my mouth around the first few inches of his cock. I don’t know how he’ll ever fit down there, but I ache to feel his snug embrace. My heartbeat pounds between my thighs and my slick need drips down to ready his entry.

He groans as I take more of him into my mouth. I think about being filled with him. I’m so turned on I moan as I try for another inch. I feel warm, salty cum spill into my mouth and I swallow and wiggle my ass. I try to press my clit down into the chair because I’m desperate for friction. The throbbing is becoming painful and I don’t know which I want more. It’s hard for me to stay focused as my mind bounces between sucking him off the best I can and needing to fill my empty ache.

“Are you touching yourself?”

The hand between my thighs pauses and I’m shocked to realize I started to play with myself as I sucked his cock. Touching myself is something I only do when I’m alone and I don’t get those moments often. But when I had those quick moments of solitude I would think of Moose as I slipped my hand into my shorts.

I whimper because I don’t want to stop but I don’t know what to do. “Show me how you touch yourself, little one.” I look up and watch him wipe the back of his hand across his mouth. “I want to see how fast those fingers can move.”

I take him deeper and swallow his salty flavor. I press two fingers against my clit and rub myself faster as I move my hips, keeping my eyes on him.

“Good girl.” His voice is soft like he’s saying it to himself, but every muscle in his body is strained.

When he faced the bear he was so cool and calm but right now he looks as though he’s about to lose control.

“Take it,” he grits out as his jaw tightens and his cock hits the back of my throat.

His hand holds me in place at the back of my head so I can’t move. I feel the throb of his cock on the underside against my tongue and then the warm release of his cum down my throat. I swallow it eagerly and suck down every drop. I moan as my body shakes and my own orgasm washes over me and it’s a pleasure unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

It’s like I’m falling when he releases me and his cock slips out of my mouth. I think I’m going to land back in the chair, but before I do he lifts me into his strong arms. My eyes feel heavy as I rest my head on his shoulder and I breathe him in. I still can’t believe this is happening. I’m with Moose and he’s going to take my virginity.