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Rescued by the Ranger (Camp Hardwood 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/5 16:51:21

He says more after that but I’m too sleepy to catch it. I feel him moving but I’m too weak to look up. I relax into his hold and close my eyes as he carries me away. As long as I’m in his arms it doesn’t matter so I let sleep take me.

I pray that if this is all a dream that I never wake up.

Thunder shakes the small cabin as I carry Zara down the hallway to the bedroom. Lightning illuminates the bed while I lay her sleeping body down on it and I stand back to look at her. Her smooth porcelain skin is so perfect and untouched. My eyes trail all over her to where she’s pink and soft. My tongue aches to have her pussy against it and my mouth begins to water.

I pull back the blanket so she’s on the white sheet and her small body in my large bed makes her look delicate. She was so fragile in my arms, yet so strong with her mouth around my cock. Seeing her suck me off and touch herself at the same time will be an image I carry with me into the afterlife. There’s nothing on this earth and beyond that could erase it from my mind.

I kneel down at the side of the bed and close my eyes for a moment. I thank whoever it is that sent this angel to me and thought I was worthy enough to have her. I open my eyes, stare at her soft legs and lick my lips. I can’t stop myself from reaching out and gently grabbing her ankles to spread them wide. I pull her ass to the edge of the bed and kiss my way to her middle. I lick the pink folds of her pussy as I push her knees farther apart and then tease her clit.

The sweet pearl hardens for me as I hear a breathy moan from Zara. I wish I had the strength to let her sleep, but my need to taste her is too great. The scent of her arousal fills my lungs and I can still taste her release as I dip my tongue inside her. There’s no place on her body I don’t want to possess and I lift her a little so I can lick lower. When I slide my pinky inside her ass she moans louder but doesn’t tell me to stop.

I use two fingers in her pussy to rub the tender spot inside while I suck on her clit. My cock hangs heavy between my thick thighs and I know it will never fit in all of her warm, soft places. But her pussy is what I crave most and I want it to wrap around me like her mouth.

The thought of having unprotected sex with her should make me ashamed, but instead my cock weeps for it. Cum rolls off the tip and down the length until it drips onto the floor between my knees. I glance down and see a puddle of it, but there’s no end in sight.

I wiggle my fingers inside of her and then feel her grip around me. She moans, her hips moving, and she grabs my hair with eager hands. I hear my name whispered on her lips as her body tenses under me. I can taste the second her climax hits and her body releases onto me. I growl my approval and take my fingers from her to lick them clean. There isn’t a part of her that isn’t sweet and that I don’t want to own, and I won’t stop until I have all of it.

Her eyes are hooded as I climb up her body and place her in the middle of the bed. I knee her legs open roughly as I lay my cock against her lower belly.

“I want what you came to give me.” I thrust against her and the length of my cock slides between her wet folds, the underside grazing her clit.

“My cherry?” She rests her feet against my ass and I move my cock lower.

“That’s right.” I grip the base of my cock and squeeze it tight before I jack it a few times. “Hold still.”

I place my forearm across her hips to hold her in place. I pump my fist around my cock a few times before a stream of cum shoots out and splashes against her pussy.

“Fuck,” I groan when I see my white cream smeared across her pink lips.

I use my fingers to push some of it inside of her, and my cock grows impossibly harder at the sight.

“Will it fit now?” she asks softly as she looks down between us.

“Not all of it, but enough.” I press the tip to her cum-covered opening and watch as the first few inches disappear inside of her hot warmth. “There it is.”