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Rescued by the Ranger (Camp Hardwood 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/5 16:51:22

Her barrier clings tight to the head and I stop my progress. I can feel her virginity trying to keep me out, but there’s nothing that will stop me from claiming her as mine.

“Just relax,” I tell her, grabbing her hands and holding them above her head. “There’s no way for me to make this gentle.”

I press my lips to hers just as I thrust into her enough to break her innocence. Thunder rumbles over us and it’s like the world is clapping its approval. Rain beats against the window but the only thing I can hear is the catch of her breath as she opens and my tongue tastes hers.

With all the strength I have inside me I hold myself steady and wait for her to relax. I don’t have but half of my cock inside her, but it’s enough. For now.

I take my time kissing her and holding her face as I do it. I go slow and easy and before too long I feel her legs begin to relax. When her knees fall open all the way, she tentatively moves her hips.

“Do you want more, angel?” I ask, slowly moving inside her. She nods silently and traces her fingers down my back.

I glance down between us and even in the dark I can see my cock has traces of her virginity smeared across it. I grip her wrists tighter as I think about how no other man before me has been inside her and how she’ll never know anyone else besides me after this.

“Harder.” The word is so soft I almost don’t catch it, but when I do every muscle in my body tightens.

Could this angel be made just for me? Not only is she taking my cock, but she’s asking for more. I was trying so hard to be careful, but she’s going to do everything in her power to see me brought to my knees.

I give her what she wants and I feel her body respond in kind. She grips me impossibly tighter. I sink into her heat and rut her like an animal. My body is primed all over and the second she squeezes my cock and cries out in pleasure I know I can finally give in. Her pussy clenches and her body arches against me as her climax takes over her body. I can feel each wave of it down my cock and all the way to my balls as I release inside of her. Hot cum fills her up and spills out of the tight seal we’ve made. I can feel it roll down between us and onto the sheet to join in the marking of her virginity.

I kiss her softly and hold her close as we catch our breath. The storm still rages outside but it’s as if we’re in the eye of a hurricane. There is peace between us and my chest aches with something I can’t name—something I’ve never felt or known was possible.

Slowly I pull out of her and feel my warm seed spill out of me. I get up from the bed and stare down at her for a moment before I turn around and walk out of the room.

“Moose?” I hear her call over my shoulder as I go to my closet and grab a hammer and two nails. When I come back into the room, her eyes are wide and then her eyebrows pull together in confusion. “What are you doing?”

Without a word, I pull the sheet from under her and off the bed. I take a corner of it and with the hammer I hang it up on the wall and then do the same to the other side. I stand back and look at the mark of blood mixed with the two of us in the middle of the sheet and my cock throbs in approval.

“I want to look at this every night before I go to sleep. I want to see the gift you gave me while I hold you close.” I drop the hammer and get on the bed. I lie on my side and pull her flush against me. “I never want to forget this night.”

I hear the smile in her voice as she pushes her ass against my hard cock. “Neither do I.”

I giggle as Moose’s giant hand slides along my stomach. He never stops touching me and I can’t get enough of him. My laugh quickly turns into a moan as his hand dips lower. I’m tender between my legs but I don’t care. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s had me through the night. I only know it’s the next day because the sun is shining into the cabin bedroom.

This morning Moose pulled me from the bed and put me in a bath, then made me stay in it alone for what felt like an eternity. I don’t know what he went off to do but he told me not to move. It was probably only twenty minutes, but every second felt like forever when I wasn’t pressing my body against him. Finally, he came back with some aspirin and made me take them before he scooped me from the large clawfoot tub and into the shower with him.