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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:50

He continued to stare me down, full of arrogance because he had the upper hand. “There are a few reasons you could be waiting up for me. First, you’re scared when I’m not around. Second, you’re worried I’m out sleeping around and that pisses you off. Three, you’re worried about me and want to make sure I come home at some point. Four, and this is my favorite reason, your pussy misses my dick. So, which is it? It’s gotta be one of those reasons—or all the above.”

It’d been over a week since he’d snuck into my bedroom and made me explode around his dick so many times. I’d missed him with every passing day until the moment he told me I was his prisoner. I hadn’t missed him in that way ever since, but it was only a matter of time before my body’s needs caught up with me.

“Answer me.” His arm moved over the back of the couch, and he scooted closer to me, bringing his face close to mine. He was close enough for a kiss, but he never leaned in to seal the deal. His eyes were still hostile. “Or I’ll assume they all apply.”

When he was this close to me, I could smell the booze on his breath and the cigar smoke on his clothes. But the scent I recognized most of all was the aroma of a woman’s perfume. Fruity and fragrant, it was undeniable. The scent singed my nose and made my anger rise. “You were with a woman tonight. I can smell it on you.”

“So, it’s reason number two.”

“No. I just don’t understand why you’d get both of us checked and then you’re sleeping around. Doesn’t make any sense.”

He ignored my statement. “If it’s not reason number two, then which reason is it?”

“You answer me first.” The idea of some busty blonde bouncing on his dick pissed me off. Whether she was paid to please him or did it to please herself, it angered me either way. Lucian had his whores, and I never cared. But with Balto, it was a punch in the stomach.

“You never asked me a question.”

“Yes, I did. Were you with someone?”

“You never asked. You just assumed.” He moved closer to me, his face so close that if he came any nearer, our lips would touch. His eyes were glued to mine, focused and hostile. His muscular body stretched his t-shirt, showing off all the muscles that were hidden from view.

“Answer me.” His refusal of transparency only bothered me even more.

“I’ll answer you when you answer me. Why are you up all night waiting for me to come home?”

My answer depended on the extent of my curiosity. I could keep this information to myself if I was okay not knowing where he was tonight. But I wanted to know if I was sharing him with someone else, if I was at risk for catching something. I was lucky that Lucian hadn’t given me anything, that he actually wore a condom every time he screwed one of his whores. I’d made it this far, so I didn’t want to risk catching something now. “One and two…” I was scared without him there to protect me, and I wanted to know if he was bedding other women.

“Which means number three and four apply as well.” Triumph was in his eyes.

“I never said three and four.”

“If you want me to protect you, then that means you want me to come home safely. And if you’re pissed about me screwing someone else, then that means you want me to only screw you. So yes, all the above.”

“You don’t have to, baby.” His hand moved to my neck and snaked under the fall of my hair. His fingers wrapped around me, and he squeezed me enough so he could feel the pulse in my neck.

I tried not to relax at his touch, even though my body instantly wanted to. I loved it when he touched me like that, like a man possessing a woman. He knew how to be with a woman, how to make her feel like a woman. It wasn’t just his kiss and the size of his package. It was his confidence, his focused intensity, and those beautiful eyes. “Your turn.”

He cradled my neck and guided my chin up slightly, forcing me to look at him head on. “No. I wasn’t with anyone.”

“Then why do you smell like perfume?”

Anger slowly inched into his features. “This is something you need to know about me. I’m the kind of man that doesn’t give a damn about sparing your feelings. I’m the kind of man so powerful I don’t need to employ deception. I’m the kind of man that will talk shit right to your face. I won’t bend the truth to make it easier for you to hear. I won’t soften a blow so it’s less painful to take. I always speak the truth because I don’t need to lie. Only cowards and pussies lie. I’m not afraid of anything—especially the truth. So when I say something to you, it’s real. Don’t. Question. Me.” His hand slid out of my hair as he rose to his feet. “I’m going to bed. If you want to fuck, you know where I’ll be.”