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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:51

A woman emerged from the rear then took the seat beside me. In a dress that was so short it barely covered her thong, she was dressed for attention. Her hand snaked up my arm and rubbed my bicep as she leaned close to me. “Balto seems tense.”

I recognized her voice along with her deep brown hair. “It’s been a long night.”

She leaned in closer to me and pressed a kiss to my neck. “Let’s make it even longer.”

Yvonne was one of my regular whores. She knew exactly what I liked and charged a fortune for it. I kept my hands to myself and my dick in my pants even though it’d been almost two weeks since I’d been buried in pussy. I knew Cassini would open her legs eventually, either out of desire or obligation. “Not tonight, Yvonne.” I gently slid her hand off my bicep.

She pouted her lips. “You definitely seem stressed. Nothing a blow job can’t fix.”

I used to be attracted to Yvonne, but now my dick didn’t come out to play. My sex drive was fueled toward a single woman, the wife of one of my biggest enemies. I wanted to be buried balls deep inside her and pumping her with my come. Sex with someone else would feel stale and unsatisfying. “Not tonight.”

She raised an eyebrow. “I’ve never heard you say no before.”

I turned to her, my anger starting to rise. “I’m saying it now. Goodnight, Yvonne.”

“Alright…asshole.” She left my side and disappeared into the darkness of the club.

I drank from my glass and kept watching the girls.

Heath fell into the chair beside me moments later. “How’d it go?”

“Hunter Reyes is lying about his profits.”

Heath shook his head. “That fucker is gonna die.”

“Along with a few other people.”

Heath stared at the girls before he glanced over his shoulder and looked into the darkness. “Who was that fine woman in the black dress?”

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“Really? Is she off-limits too?”

“No.” I couldn’t complain about double-dipping with a whore. It was how she made her living. Heath and I had fucked the same woman before, so it wasn’t surprising. Cassini was different on infinite levels.

“Good. What’s her price range?”

“She’s expensive—but worth it.”

“It looked like you turned her down.”

Heath drank from his glass then looked at me. “Because your little prisoner is more than you can handle?”

“No. She’s not sleeping with me.”

“Because she’s pissed at me.” The sex we used to have was so earth-shattering that the ground shook beneath my feet. She was so enthusiastic, releasing all her sexual frustrations with my body on top of hers. She fucked me like it was all she needed to live. I was the one thing she looked forward to in life, the one guilty pleasure that brought her joy. But all of that disappeared once I took her prisoner. I knew she still wanted me, but she was just too stubborn to act on it.

“Who gives a damn if she’s pissed? She’s your prisoner—and she has a job to do.”

The idea of forcing her got my dick hard, but I preferred the affectionate and obsessive woman I used to bed. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper inside her even though she could barely take all of me. I wanted that woman, that passion and heat. “She’ll come around.”

“But you shouldn’t have to wait. And in the meantime…there’s a fine piece of ass that wants you right over there.”

She only wanted me because I paid her a fortune in cash. “Take her, Heath.”

“You’re the one not getting laid. I’m doing you a favor.”

“Don’t worry about my dick. Worry about your own.”

“Whatever, man.” He finished off his drink. “Just trying to help.”

“So when are we going to move against Hunter?”

“Sometime this week. We’ll ambush him. If I give him any kind of warning, he can prepare for the conversation. The best time to read someone is during that first interaction, and I can’t read him over the phone.”

“You want me to tag along?”

“I’m trying to keep our resemblance a secret.”

“Why is that?” Heath watched the naked women dance around, their cleavage pressed against the poles and their asses barely covered in their thongs.

“It might be useful down the road.”

I shook my head. She knew I had a brother, but she didn’t know I was a twin.

“Lucian contacted you?”

“Nope.” He was too much of a pussy to move against me. If he didn’t agree to meet my demands, he would never get his wife back. So unless he was prepared to go to war with me, there was nothing he could do. He might have the explosives to destroy an entire city, but I had an army that could destroy the entire world. He might be a stupid man, but he wasn’t that stupid. He’d have to methodically plan his advance before he did a damn thing.