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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:52

Then everything changed.

My life had never been the same.

Living with Lucian was straightforward because I knew exactly how I felt about the situation. But living with Balto was much more confusing. I was attracted to the man, more attracted to him than I’d ever been to anyone else. The second I saw him in that bar, my heart skipped a beat. When he left food outside my door, I couldn’t help but think it was sweet. He could have ordered me to come out or dragged me by the hair. Lucian slugged me in the stomach, but I couldn’t imagine Balto treating me that way—even if he was the more dangerous man.

I moved into the kitchen and grabbed a few cookies before I made my way to the couch. It was midnight, so he wouldn’t be home for hours. My ears focused on every little sound I heard throughout the floor. I didn’t believe someone could manage to make it up the elevator to me, but sometimes I feared Lucian would line the building with explosives and detonate it. I would die from the explosion or be buried under the rubble of the building. Having Balto there couldn’t prevent that, but it made me feel safer anyway.

There was something about that man that made me feel untouchable.

I’d never seen a man stand up to Lucian so effortlessly, let alone twice. He’d burned a cigar into his hand without retaliation. He’d shown up at his home and took me like a product off the shelf at a grocery store. This man had unquestionable power, and I had to admit it made me feel invincible.

But when he wasn’t around, I felt powerless.

I turned on the TV and pulled a blanket over my shoulders. My beer sat on the coffee table untouched, and my eyes grew heavy from the late hour. I wanted to hear the elevator the second he came home, and I wouldn’t be able to do that in my room. It took a while for my brain to finally drift off to sleep, and when I did, I started to dream.

And I dreamed of my captor.

As if I was back in time, I was in my old bedroom at Lucian’s. It was dark because it was late in the evening, but I wasn’t alone.

Balto peeled off all my clothes and gave me a look of such possessiveness that I didn’t feel like a married woman anymore. My ring was gone because I belonged to him exclusively. His massive body dipped the bed as he moved on top of me, all muscle and beautiful skin. His sculpted thighs separated mine, and he shoved his large size inside me, our bodies skin-to-skin.

“Balto…” I felt the goodness between my legs, the fullness every woman should feel when they were with a man. My nipples dragged against his chest as he moved with me, the sweat starting to slicken both our bodies. My arms circled his neck, and I kissed him as I felt him inside me, my body tensing and tightening in preparation for another climax. I buried my face in his shoulder and felt my teeth drag against his collarbone as I did my best to keep quiet. Another man was pleasing me, and I didn’t want my husband to overhear. It was just like the last night we were together, our passion hotter than an inferno. My ankles locked together around his waist because I never wanted him to leave.

I was pulled from my dreams when I felt my hips being dragged across the couch. My boxers were yanked off my long legs, and the blanket that had been on top of me was absent. My eyes snapped open in alarm, and that’s when I saw Balto, gloriously naked. His enormous cock was at full mast and ready to pound into me.

He moved on top of me and hooked his arms behind my knees. “Miss me, baby?” He smothered me into the cushions and pressed his crown against my entrance. After a gentle thrust, he pushed inside, becoming smeared in the arousal that was flooding from my body. “Fuck yes, you did.” He sank inside me slowly, sliding so perfectly because I was slicker than I’d ever been. He moaned from deep within his throat, getting every single inch inside me until his balls tapped against my skin.

I’d just woken up and couldn’t distinguish dream from reality. I was just at Lucian’s house a moment ago, this man deep between my legs. Now I was back in reality, sleeping on the couch and waiting for Balto to come home. His cock inside me felt better than the dream, and I was so hard up that I didn’t stop him. My hands slid up his chest, and I widened my legs farther to give him complete access.