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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:52

Skin-to-skin, I felt the incredible sensations, just as I did the last time we were together. I looked forward to the finale, when my cunt would be stuffed with this man’s come. The lipstick on his neck became an afterthought, along with my imprisonment.

He thrust into me while keeping my legs pinned back, our limbs a tangled mess as we screwed on the couch. He didn’t just fuck me, but he got his dick deep inside me with every thrust. All he wanted was to feel me, to glide through my tightness because he forgot how good it felt. He stared down at me with a clenched jaw, the moans uncontrollable. He was coming apart right before my eyes, too weak to fight the goodness between my legs. “Jesus Christ…I can’t believe you made me wait so long.”

I held on to his lower back and pulled myself back into him. His body ground against my clit, and his dick stretched me wide apart. My breathing hitched as my body tensed. All the muscles in my back shivered as I prepared for the orgasm that would make my toes curl. My fingers dug into his ass, and I yanked on him harder. “Balto…” I bit my lip as the climax hit me like a ton of bricks. It was so good, it was actually painful. My pussy struggled to contract because it seemed to have forgotten how. A low moan turned into a scream, and then I pulled on him harder because I wanted every inch of that dick. “Yes…” Both of my toes cramped, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the greatest euphoria of my life. Now I was wide awake, drunk on the pleasure this man gave me.

“Fuck…” He pressed his forehead to mine and gave his final thrusts, pushing his body deep into mine so he could give me every single drop of his arousal. He was usually quiet when he climaxed, but now he was vocal in his pleasure. His hand snaked into my hair as he gave another grunt. “Baby…” Even when he finished, he kept rocking, like he didn’t want it to end just yet.

Now that the pleasure had passed, reality hit me hard. I’d given in to my desire and fucked this man as hard as he fucked me. Truth be told, I missed it so much. I missed the intimacy, the connection. Maybe it was just sex, but it was the strongest human relationship I’d had in years. It was a way for me to vent my frustrations, a way for me to feel like a beautiful woman with needs. He was still an escape—even if he was my prison.

Instead of softening like usual, he stayed hard inside me. “Damn, he missed you.”

I was soaking wet, so we both knew I missed him.

“Was that better than your dream?”

The desire I’d felt just a second ago evaporated. How did he know I was dreaming about him?

He lifted me from the couch while staying deep inside me and carried me down the hallway and into his bedroom. His eyes were on me, full of that obnoxious arrogance that pissed me off. “You were bucking your hips and whispering my name.”

Embarrassment flooded my veins, but I refused to show it on my face. I had no control over my subconscious, over the internal desires that needed to be fulfilled. There was no other man in the world I would ever fantasize about. My list of lovers wasn’t long—and Balto was at the top of the list. “Shut up and fuck me.” I moved to my hands and knees on the bed so I could enjoy the sex without having to see that stupid smirk on his face. It didn’t matter what position he took me in, I always came.

He grabbed my hips and rolled me to my back. “No. I want to look at you.”

“Well, I don’t want to look at you—”

He silenced my outburst with a kiss, a soft kiss that was purposeful and slow. He held his strong body on top of mine and slowly positioned himself between my legs. His wet cock pressed into my lower lips, and he applied gentle pressure right against my clit. His soft lips moved with mine, instilling the same desire within me just by touch. His mouth moved a little faster, picking up the pace for both of us. His mouth opened, closed, and then opened again, breathing out gentle breaths across my mouth. He sucked my bottom lip before his tongue moved into my mouth and greeted mine in an erotic dance. Slowly, it moved, embracing the inside of my mouth with a kiss so sexy my thighs squeezed against his hips.

He was one hell of a kisser.

His arms locked behind my knees just as they did on the couch, and without breaking our kiss, he tilted his hips and gently sank inside me.