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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:52

I moaned like it was the first time, like he hadn’t just made me come in the living room.

He slid inside me perfectly, moving until his fat dick was exactly where it belonged. His kiss continued, passionate and sexy. His cock throbbed inside me as he forced both of us to wait before the fucking began. “You want to be the only woman who gets my dick?” He pulled back slightly so our eyes could meet.

My hands felt the muscles of his stomach and chest, and I was so buried in sex that I couldn’t think clearly. Being with him was when I felt most alive, when life was worth living. The experience wasn’t just passionate, but spiritual. I could feel heaven from my scalp to my toes.

“Baby.” He slowly pressed into me, making me feel the extent of his enormity. He was so big that he could barely fit inside me, that his crown tapped against my cervix painfully if he pushed too far.

I’d hated seeing the lipstick on his neck. I hated wondering what he was doing while he was out so late. I hated the idea of sharing him with someone else, whether it was a whore or not. “I hate you…” This man was just as evil as Lucian for keeping me as a prisoner. I was locked away in a tower with no rights. He was dangerous, criminal, and lethal. I wanted a normal life with a normal man, but this was what I got.

His eyes narrowed as he stayed deep inside me.

“But I don’t want to share you with anyone else…” Shame reverberated through me, cascades of embarrassment and humiliation. I asked for his fidelity, for his monogamy. I was possessive over a man I didn’t even like. It was a twisted feeling, so convoluted it was disgusting.

Normally, he would have worn that boyish smile, the one where the corner of his mouth rose in a grin. It would shine in his eyes too, his mirth at my conformity. This time, he didn’t display his typical arrogance. His eyes deepened as they locked on mine, desire and lust heavy in the expression. Instead of triumphant, he seemed aroused. It wasn’t a victory for his ego, only his dick. “I don’t like to share either.”

When I woke up the next morning, I was noticeably warmer than usual. I was aware of the subtle weight on my chest, the slender woman who used my frame as a mattress instead of the bed. My eyes opened, and I remained still so I wouldn’t disturb her.

On her stomach with her hair across my shoulder lay Cassini. She was naked underneath the sheets, and the muscles of my body kept her warm throughout the night. She seemed perfectly comfortable even though she was lying on solid rock.

It was the first time I’d woken up to a woman hogging me like that. Women never slept over, and if they did, they stuck to their side of the bed. There was no touching unless it was during sex. But this woman took all of my personal space for herself.

I liked the way she smelled. I liked the way her soft skin felt against mine. I liked the way her hair lightly tickled me whenever she moved. My arm was hooked around the small of her back, and I loved how deep the curve was. This woman was all curves from head to toe, but I particularly liked that one most of all.

Lucian said she needed to lose weight. That only proved my theory—he was a spineless scumbag. Who said that to their wife? What kind of man said that to any woman? Especially when it couldn’t be further from the truth. I liked her thighs. I liked the curve at the bottom of her stomach. I’d never been attracted to women who were exceptionally skinny. If they were skin and bones, I wasn’t interested. Despite the fact that I was in great shape, I didn’t find fitness attractive in women. Call me old-fashioned, but I liked a woman with an ass, tits, and a belly. Curves were the distinguishable feature in a woman, the epitome of sexuality. If Lucian couldn’t appreciate this beautiful woman for all that she was, there was something seriously wrong with him.

It didn’t matter anymore. She was mine now.

Listening to her ask me to be hers exclusively was the biggest turn-on. It was sexier than all the dancers at the strip club, sexier than all the kinky shit I did in my lifetime. Listening to this drop-dead gorgeous woman want me all to herself…was something I could beat off to for the rest of my life.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to.

She would sleep for several hours, so I carefully rolled her to her back and slowly moved away. The sheets fell slightly, exposing the tops of her tits to the nipples.