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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:52

I stared at her and debated fucking her, whether she was conscious or not. But I knew I needed to get my day started. And I knew she would be there waiting for me when I was finished. I got dressed and headed to the gym.

The gym was on the bottom floor, so I took the elevator down and stepped into the weight room.

Heath was there, using the barbell to work on his chest. Two hundred pounds was on the bar, and he finished his reps quickly.

“I hope that’s just a warm-up.”

Heath racked the bar then sat up. “Shut up, asshole.”

I set my jug of water on the counter and grabbed the weights I wanted to use. I hit the gym every single day religiously because my life depended on it. Respect was much easier to garner if I was a fighting machine. I could intimidate anyone with just my appearance. I could get anyone to fuck me with just my appearance too. Cassini didn’t want to share me for a reason.

“You seem to be in a good mood.”

I did three sets of bicep curls. “Sarcasm?”

“What makes you think I’m in a good mood?” I did another set then started shoulder presses.

“Because you don’t look like shit.”

“I never look like shit.” I pumped out the reps then racked the weights.

“Trust me, you do.” He grabbed his bottle of water and took a drink. “I know you didn’t change your mind about Yvonne because I took her home last night. Best two thousand euros I’ve ever spent. She can take big dick in the ass like a pro.”

That was information I didn’t need to know. “Just like you did in prison?”

His smile dropped. “I’ll throw a weight plate at your head.”

“Like you could lift it.”

Heath’s anger slowly faded away. “See? You’re in a really good mood.”

“Because I’m talking shit?”

“No. Because you’re making jokes. Last night, you were a little girl with her panties up her ass. Your jaw was clenched so tight, and you looked like you wanted to strangle someone.”

“Well, you were sitting beside me…maybe I wanted to strangle you.”

He studied me for a while, as if he were trying to read the look on my face. “Get laid?”

All night long. “Fuck off, Heath.”

The corner of his mouth rose in a smile, just the way mine did. “She finally put out? Took her long enough. Or did you force her?”

I’d never forced a woman in my life. I didn’t need to force a woman to get laid. Only men like Lucian did. “Your question is offensive.”

“All of them.” I grabbed my earbuds. “I’m tuning you out so I can get something done.”

“So you can hurry home and get laid again?”

I popped the buds into my ears and let the music drown out his voice.

When I got out of the shower, she was still asleep.

Was she ever going to wake up?

I pulled on my boxers then stared at her, seeing the way she stretched out across my bed and managed to take up the entire thing. She seemed to be reaching for me, and when she couldn’t find me, she kept stretching.

Staring at her got me hard, so I dropped the boxers I’d just put on and got into bed with her. She was on her stomach, so my hand palmed her ass and I pressed a kiss to the nape of her neck. Slowly, I kissed her along the spine as my fingers moved to her entrance just below her asshole. They gently made their way inside, getting through her tight entrance and finding the wetness that always greeted me. I could feel my come inside her too, sticky and warm. My fingers pulsed as I kissed her.

She moaned with her eyes closed, and slowly the pleasure forced her to wake. Her eyes opened, and she looked at me over her shoulder, her pussy immediately tightening when she was aware of my fingers. “Not a bad way to wake up…”

“Get used to it.” I pulled my fingers out of her cunt then moved on top of her. She was flat on her belly so I couldn’t see her tits, but my dick was rock hard because of her beautiful face. I directed my head inside her and slowly sank in, her asshole just a few inches above. When I was deep inside, the most sensual shiver ran all the way down my spine. There was nothing better in life than being balls deep in this pussy. Money was irrelevant, power was overrated. This was true bliss—fucking this woman.

My hand fisted her hair, and I yanked her head back, keeping her spine curved at a sexy angle. Then I turned her head to the side so I could seal my mouth over hers. I kissed her as my hips thrust into her hard, hitting all her slickness deep.