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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:53

She moaned against my mouth and could barely return my kiss. She was falling apart right off the bat, the pleasure between her legs so good that she couldn’t focus on anything else.

I’d missed her pussy so much. Two weeks was my longest drought, and she’d made it an unbearable two weeks. After I had her bare pussy in Lucian’s home, I couldn’t keep sharing her with the asshole. I wanted to pump my come deep inside her every single night—without sharing. My dick was obsessed with her perfection, with how unnaturally wet she was. Anytime I went anywhere near her pussy, she was practically dripping. A woman had never been so wet, and seeing how aroused she was only turned me on more. She swallowed those olives at the bar like she wished they were my balls. She had the appetite of a whore but the class of a queen.

I pushed her hard against the bed and made her clit drag against the sheets. My hands were balled into fists against the mattress, and I used my ass muscles to really get inside her. At this angle, it was so easy to hit her deep, to feel her at a better angle.

She came a second later, so she must have liked it too. She came against my mouth, her kiss absent because all she could do was moan. Her nails clawed at the sheets, and she bucked back against me, wanting more of my dick even though there was no room.

Once she was finished, I let myself go—adding another load into her already full cunt. I lay on top of her as I filled her, dumping my seed inside her where it would remain until I fucked her again. I didn’t moan the way I had last night, not when the sensation felt so raw. My eyes locked on to hers as I finished because I wanted her to understand how much I enjoyed her. I hadn’t fucked around since I’d met her because I wasn’t an idiot. I knew she had the best pussy I’d find anywhere.

I slowly pulled out and admired the white come dripping from her entrance. The sight was enough to turn me on all over again. Lucian was at home plotting his revenge against me, knowing full well I was coming inside his wife—over and over.

Soon enough, she would have so much come inside her that he wouldn’t even want her back.

I got off her then pulled on my boxers.

She laid her head back down and closed her eyes, like she was ready to go back to sleep.

I stared at her beautiful body on the bed, the endless curves and the sexy olive skin. She was the only woman who held my attention even after I came. Everyone else was forgotten the second the fun was over. “You want some lunch?”

“Only if you’re making French toast.”

“That’s not lunch. That’s breakfast.”

“And no…I don’t eat French toast.”

“Do you ever have a cheat meal?” she asked incredulously. “What’s the point in working so hard if you don’t enjoy yourself once in a while.”

“I do enjoy myself—with pussy.”

She sat up and finally got out of bed. “That’s not the only reason women want to sleep with you.”

“Then why else?” I knew this woman was insanely attracted to me. I could see it in her eyes, the way she gripped my ass and pulled me deeper inside her.

She pulled out a shirt from one of my drawers. “I’m not going to inflate your already big ego.” She walked into the kitchen, in just my t-shirt and a new thong from the pile she’d started to keep in my dresser.

I followed behind her, mesmerized by the sexy way her hips shook back and forth. I entered the kitchen and watched her make a bowl of cereal while I prepared my usual salmon. “My ego is already pretty big, so I don’t think you can make it bigger.”

She leaned against the counter and ate while I cooked at the stove. “Forget it. I’m not telling you.”

“Ever.” Her teeth crunched against the cereal in her mouth.

“Seems unfair. I admit all the things I like about you.” I flipped the salmon over and grilled the other side while the veggies sautéed in the other pan.

She kept eating, her hair a mess because I’d wrapped it around my hand so tightly. “You’ve admitted no such thing.”

“Then what?” she asked. “What do you find so fuckable about me?”

“I’ll answer you—if you answer me.” The fish only took a few minutes for each side, so I was done quickly. I slid the food onto a plate and abandoned the dirty pans on the stove. I glanced at her before I carried my food to the kitchen table.

She followed me, bringing her cereal with her. “Fine. You go first.” She sat in the chair across from me with her bowl in front of her. She left the spoon in the milk and let the pieces of cereal grow soggy.