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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:53

He stared at me like he expected me to say something else. When I didn’t, he turned around and walked off. His footsteps receded into his bedroom then he shut the door.

I stayed put and stared down the hallway. I’d ignored him all day, and then when I was ready to look at his face, he disappeared. Maybe he was avoiding me on purpose, or maybe he wasn’t going to let my presence dictate what he would do next. It was only eight o’ clock, so I doubted he was going to sleep.

I returned to my bedroom and looked through the clothes in my drawers. There was an assortment of lingerie he’d gotten me. All black and slutty—he had very specific tastes. He never asked me to wear them, but the fact that he bought them indicated that was what he wanted. I picked a one-piece that pushed my tits together with a crotch that unfastened and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked like I belonged in a strip club.

I walked to his bedroom and heard the sound of gunshots firing off, like he was watching a movie or playing a video game. I opened the door without knocking and found him leaning back against the headboard, a gaming controller in his hands. His eyes were focused on the TV.

I was surprised this powerful man had such an amateur hobby.

I approached the bed and finally got his attention.

He glanced at me then turned back to the TV. It seemed to take him a second to register what I was wearing. He turned back instantly, admiring the black sequins that hugged my hourglass frame.

He set the controller to the side and didn’t take his eyes off me. Gunshots continued until his character was killed and the Game Over screen appeared. That intense expression entered his gaze, his blue eyes so scorching they burned. The muscles of his chest and stomach tightened noticeably as he took in my appearance.

I never put on lingerie willingly, and I loved the way he stared at me. Putting on sex clothes would normally make me self-conscious, but when he looked at me like that, I felt like the sexiest thing in the world.

He kept his eyes on me as he grabbed the top of his sweats and pushed them down to his thighs, letting his hard cock stretch out and lie against his stomach. The crown was thick and tinted red with blood because he’d ballooned up to size in less than a minute. “Come here, baby.”

I crawled on the bed and straddled his hips.

His hands immediately gripped my waist, and his fingers dug into my skin. He squeezed me as he pulled me down so I could feel his hardness right against my clit. He rested against the headboard as his eyes admired the thin material that barely hid my naked body from view. He appreciated the sight like I was a fantasy, like he’d never seen anything more beautiful. His fingers slid to the apex of my thighs, and he unfastened the clasp that kept the material over my cunt. Once it was open, he pressed his fingers against my clit and rubbed me gently.

I closed my eyes when I felt his intimate touch. Pleasure radiated all through my body because he touched the sensitive area just right. He applied the perfect kind of pressure without hitting me too hard. It felt the same as when I touched myself.

He pulled his fingers away then gripped my hips. He started to move my body, making me drag my clit against his throbbing length. He guided me back and forth as he rocked back into me, using his dick to apply the same pressure.

My hands snaked up his chest, and I forgot that I’d come in here to orchestrate my demands. I’d intended to seduce him so I could see my brothers tomorrow, but now I was the one being seduced. My breathing turned labored, and my nails clawed at his skin. My palms snaked up to his shoulders so I could use his frame as an anchor in order to rock my hips harder. My clit dragged against his length, and I felt the climax approach.

“You look so fucking sexy right now.” He stared at my tits as he clenched his jaw. “The second my cock is buried in that pussy, I’m gonna come. So I need you to come now.” He maneuvered me harder, making me feel the friction even deeper.

Hearing the longing in his deep voice and seeing the desire in his gorgeous eyes sent me over the edge. I leaned into him and pressed my forehead to his as I dragged my clit against him harder. The orgasm hit me deep inside even though he wasn’t buried between my legs. Like all the other climaxes he gave me, I combusted like an inferno, burning everything around me. Against my will, I whispered his name, said it so many times I couldn’t keep track.