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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:51:48

The bed I’d lain in dozens of times was there, the sheets kicked away and messy. I opened the drawer of his dresser and fished out a pair of boxers and a t-shirt that were many sizes too big. I dropped the dress and put on his clothes.

His cotton shirt was so soft, and it smelled like it’d just been washed. His boxers were too big, so I had to roll them several times to keep them from sliding down my waist. I walked back into the dining room and found him exactly where I’d left him. “Here.” I threw the dress at him, along with my black thong.

He tossed the dress over his shoulder then stretched the black thong between his hands. With his eyes downcast, he pulled on the lace then looked into the lining of my underwear. He must have seen something he liked, because he gave me that boyish grin, the one where one corner of his mouth rose. “That’s my baby…”

When I’d met with Lucian, I’d anticipated his decision. The man was so arrogant, it made him stupid. Or maybe he just was stupid. I wasn’t entirely sure. But either way, I knew he wouldn’t cooperate with me.

And that was fine with me—because I got her.

Lucian didn’t stop me because there was nothing he could do. He provoked me into becoming his worst nightmare. He turned me into this vengeful beast. Truth be told, I didn’t even care that much about the skull diamond. And I could still destroy my enemies without his bombs.

Cassini was more valuable than both.

Especially since she actually meant something to him. Every night, he would go to bed knowing I was plowing her like a whore. I was dumping my seed inside her and replacing all the evidence that he had been there at all.

It would eat him alive.

It was a better punishment than death.

I knew he would have preferred me to kill Cassini rather than rape her.

But she was much more useful alive than dead…because she was sexy as hell.

I hadn’t taken her to bed yet because I knew she was livid with me. She liked me as her secret lover, but she didn’t like me as her owner. She confided in me how she got stuck in that position in the first place, so I should pity her, not take advantage of her situation.

But she was the only one to blame. I’d offered her a way out—but she didn’t take it.

So I took her for myself.

I went outside and grabbed the clothes my men had picked up from the personal shopper. Everything was on hangers and wrapped in a plastic bag. It had to be almost a hundred pounds worth of clothes, but I carried it into the elevator and back into the living room.

Cassini had confined herself to her bedroom most of the time and only came out for meals. She happened to enter the living room at that moment, dressed in my boxers and t-shirt. The clothes were too big, but she somehow made them sexier than lingerie. She was the only woman I’d seen wearing my clothes, and I wouldn’t mind if she walked around the house like that all the time.

I laid the clothes across the table. “Here.” I pulled the plastic wrapping off the top, revealing jeans, tops, cocktail dresses, and a few formal gowns.

She eyed the pile of clothes then turned back to me. “Let me know how much I owe you.”

I admired her pride, but it was useless under my roof. “I’m your owner. I’ll take care of you.”

Her eyes lit up with the flames of hell. Her lips pursed together tightly like she was trying to control whatever outburst lay behind her lips. Whenever I looked pissed, I looked like an angry god, but when this woman was angry, it only heightened her sex appeal. Whether she was moaning or yelling at me, I found her equally attractive. Right now, she looked like she wanted to slap me hard across the face, just the way she did with Lucian. “Fuck you, you don’t own me.”

“Change the label if you want, but you can’t change the situation.” I’d never kept a woman as a prisoner before. I got off on power—but not quite like this. But this was a slight against Lucian as well as a guilty pleasure for me. I had no idea how long I would keep her or what I would do with her, but I knew I wanted her—for as long as she kept my interest. And if she kept looking pissed off like that, I might keep her forever. “Get dressed. We’re leaving.”

“Where are we going?” The shirt was so loose that one side hung off her shoulder and halfway down her arm. With her gorgeous skin exposed, she was basically asking me to sink my teeth right into her flesh.