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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:52:06

She tilted her head down and kissed my chest. Her full lips gently dragged against my hard skin. Her tongue poked out and tasted me as she moved, and her eyes closed at the same time. Her hands dragged across my chest and abs, feeling the grooves as she continued to kiss me. She migrated farther down, moving to my hard cock in my boxers.

My hard dick showed exactly what I wanted so there was no denying my desires, but I didn’t expect anything from her after what had just happened.

She hooked her fingers into my boxers. Slowly, she peeled them off so my cock could come free. Long, thick, and oozing at the tip, it was anxious to be inside her. Whenever I killed a man, I was particularly anxious to fuck a woman. It was an animal instinct, a carnal desire I couldn’t explain. While I owned this woman and could do whatever I wanted, she clearly wasn’t ready for that.

When my dick was free, she pressed her plump lips right against the shaft.

I closed my eyes and released a quiet moan. My hand automatically slipped into her hair because that simple kiss was enough to chase away all my coherent thoughts.

She dragged her tongue from the base of my shaft all the way to the tip. Then she kissed my crown, her warm breath splashing across my sensitive skin.

If I didn’t stop this now, I would lose my strength. My hand tugged on her hair, and I kept her mouth away from my dick. “Baby, you don’t owe me anything. At least not tonight.” I lifted her chin so she could look at me straight on.

“I know I don’t.” She opened her mouth again, flattened her tongue, and then pushed me deep inside her.

My hand tightened in her hair, and I sucked in a breath between my teeth. “Fuck.” Her mouth was almost as good as her pussy. It was definitely just as wet. I loved feeling her tongue gliding against my length, cushioning my cock as I drove deep to the back of her throat.

Her hand wrapped around my length, and she jerked me off while she deep-throated me. It was a great blow job, good enough to be paid for. She gave head like a hooker—a very expensive hooker.

All I’d wanted at the restaurant was this blow job, these plump lips surrounding my dick. But lying in bed with her, comforting her when she was scared, made me want something else. My arm circled her waist, and I rolled her to her back so I could move between her legs.

Surprise was in her eyes, but she didn’t question my movements. Her legs immediately circled my waist, and her fingers dug into my hair. With enthusiasm in her eyes, she pulled me against her and pressed her sexy lips against mine.

I kissed her slowly, my lips touching hers sensually as I felt her petite body against mine. Her nipples were hard brushing over my chest, and her skin was so soft against mine. I breathed into her mouth and felt her breathe into mine as I pushed my crown through her tight entrance. Slowly, I sank, both of us breathing hard as we fell into each other.

My hand dug into her hair as I sank deeper, feeling every inch of that exquisite cunt. My fingers tightened in her hair and kept her in place as I entered the woman I kept on a short leash. Someone had tried to take her from me, but I defended her so easily. She would be mine until I decided to give her up—and not a moment sooner.

She moaned against my mouth then dragged her nails down my back. “Balto…” Her ankles unlocked, and she widened her legs so I could thrust deep inside her. Even if I tapped against her cervix and caused her pain, she didn’t want me to stop. She wanted to feel every single inch of me no matter the cost.

My eyes locked on hers as I thrust into her, sinking us both into the mattress. “Baby, I’d never let anything happen to you.” I would defend her with my life, torment Lucian every day by reminding him she belonged to me, not him.

With her legs wide apart and her tits shaking with the thrusts, she looked into my eyes with parted lips. “I know…”

Cassini was quiet the next day, saying very little because she was still disturbed by the events of the previous evening. Her appetite was gone, and she spent most of her time looking out the window, like she might spot the armored cars coming down the street.

At the end of the day, I took her to bed, and she fell asleep shortly after sex. Her naked body was wrapped around mine, so I carefully pulled myself away without disturbing her. I got dressed then entered the living room just as the elevator beeped.