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The Skull Crusher (Skull 2) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:52:09

But there was no other option.

I turned my head to meet her gaze, to see the emotion that immediately lit up her eyes. It was a beacon of hope, a desire for change. She looked at me the same way she did before, like I was her savior.

I liked it when she looked at me like that.

Her whisper filled the truck. “You aren’t going to give me back to him…”

I held her gaze without blinking, hating myself for being so weak. This woman turned me into rusted iron. She took a simple problem and made it into a huge one. All she had to do was move those pretty lips and flash those green eyes and I was lost.

I wanted to be the Skull King.

But she made me into a man.

“No,” I whispered. “I can’t do it.”

She threw off her safety belt then crawled into my lap. Her hands dug into my hair just the way they did when we were in bed together. Her plump lips pressed to mine, and she kissed me with the passion we always shared. As if nothing had happened in the past, we were lovers once more. Her fingers clawed at my body like she wanted to take me then and there, like she wanted me out of desire, not gratitude. “You promised me you would never let anyone take me…”

“And you never lie.” She rested her forehead against mine as she sat in my lap, her body tangled with mine.

“No…I don’t.” My hands moved underneath her shirt and felt the soft skin of her belly. Now I wanted to get her home and get her naked. It’d been days since she’d let me have her, days since I’d been buried inside my woman. I didn’t just want sex. I wanted everything that we shared.

“Then what are we going to do? Lucian won’t just let me go.”

“No, he won’t.” He would come at me as hard as I would come at him.

“What does that mean?”

It meant only one thing. “I have to kill him before he kills me.”