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Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 22) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:54:14

Nathaniel kissed me loving and long under the warm nest of the covers, and then he moved gently back from me and Nicky kissed me. He kissed me like he had in the shower, a slow caress of lips, and his hand playing on the front of my throat like he was petting me with a hand that was almost big enough to encircle my entire throat. Nathaniel laid a gentle kiss on my upper chest, as Nicky continued to kiss me. Nathaniel kissed me again, a little lower, so that he touched the upper mound of my breast. Nicky's mouth pressed more eagerly on mine, and I opened my mouth to him, arching my neck against his hand. Nicky squeezed his hand around my neck, just a little. It made me arch into his hand and kiss him harder.

He wrapped that big hand around the front of my neck and squeezed hard enough for me to make little protesting noises as we kissed, my body arching against the bed. He kissed me as if he would crawl in through my mouth, all tongue and teeth and eager fierceness.

Nathaniel licked my nipple, and then suddenly he was sucking me hard and fast with an edge of teeth. It made my spine arch, my body writhe, and me scream my pleasure into Nicky's kiss.

Nicky's hand clamped down on my throat so hard and sudden that there were no more eager noises, because I had no air to make them with. Nathaniel bit harder at my breast, sinking his teeth into the mound of it, so hard and sudden that I would have screamed for him, but I couldn't make a sound. Nicky kissed me deeper, forcing my mouth open so wide it almost hurt, as if he were trying to reach things with his tongue that you were never supposed to touch. I writhed for them both, and then my body hit that moment where it began to panic for lack of air.

I fought the panic as long as I could, because I liked the feel of his hand so strong, so dangerous around my neck. The force of his kiss and Nathaniel's teeth biting down on my breast were all amazing, but in the end I had to tap out, literally.

Nicky eased his hand and drew back from the kiss, so that I could draw my breath in a long wheezing gasp. Nathaniel raised his mouth from my breast. Nicky stared down into my eyes and said, 'Are you having fun?'

I managed to gasp, 'Yes.'

He grinned, showing a fierce flash of teeth. 'Good, because so am I.' He let me have two good deep breaths and then he squeezed my throat shut again. Nathaniel reached across my body and cupped my other breast in his hand. Nicky moved so that his body acted like a prop to give Nathaniel more room. He bent over my breast. Nicky eased his grip enough for me to catch a few shallow breaths, and then when Nathaniel had sucked my breast down, as if he meant to deep-throat it, Nicky squeezed his hand tight and cut off my air again. Nathaniel bit down and the feel of his teeth in my flesh, as Nicky held my throat tight and kissed me deep and hard, made me writhe on the bed, my hands grabbing at the sheets, knotting them under me. Nathaniel bit down hard and harder, a steady, growing pressure until it was just this side of too much, and my body began to scream for oxygen. My feet began to struggle and push against the bed, I couldn't seem to help it. I tapped out, hand against Nicky's arm, and he eased his hold, so that my breath came in a near-sobbing gasp for air.

Nathaniel rose up from my breast. I tried to focus on him but couldn't make my eyes work quite right. They kept fluttering back into my head. Nicky gave a low chuckle. 'I think she liked that.'

I felt Nathaniel move up higher on the other side of me so he could look down into my face, too. I could almost focus on him as he grinned down at me. 'I think you're right,' he said, and he laughed, too.

I heard my text tone go off. I tried to say, Don't answer it, but couldn't remember how to form out loud words. It was like the afterglow to an orgasm.

Nathaniel reached for my phone from the bedside table. 'Food will take at least forty-five minutes; apparently there's a banquet.'

'More time, awesome,' Nicky said; his voice was a deeper bass with an edge of growl to it. Not werelion growl, but just that deep, dominant rumble that some men get when the sex is rough, or just like they want it.

Nathaniel bent over my breast and licked, very delicately, along the bite marks he'd left. It was an exquisite pain, almost pleasure and almost not, as if my body couldn't decide which it would be.

I whispered, 'Oh, my God.'

'If we had a gag, I'd use it.'

'Anita doesn't like gags,' Nathaniel said, and sounded a little sad.

I managed to say, 'Would try it.'

Nathaniel came back up where I could see his face. I was able to focus on him now, though the look on his face was one I hadn't seen before. 'If you offered because you didn't think we had any, you should know that I packed more than just the collar and leash.'

It took me a minute to realize what he meant. 'You packed one.'

'I packed two,' he said.

'Even though you knew we probably wouldn't get to use them,' I said.

'High stress makes me want more bondage; even having some toys with me makes me feel better, and I figured this would be a high-stress trip.'

They were both propped up on one elbow looking down at me. 'Will you wear a gag for us?'

Looking up at them, I had a moment of doubt. I didn't believe they'd hurt me for real - if I did, I wouldn't have sex with them - but it was the pretend, the almost threat, that made some kinds of bondage work. Either you were titillated by the idea, or it couldn't be explained to you. I was titillated, and a little nervous. Nathaniel was right, I didn't like gags; they were uncomfortable and I didn't find it an attractive look. I had tried one on once, but I'd just put it in without any bondage happening, and without some other fun and games, I did not like them, but Nathaniel loved having one during certain kinds of bondage. I thought it was a ruin of a good and useful mouth, but it had seemed like a better idea with the edge of teeth and hands.

'It seemed like a better idea with your hand around my throat and Nathaniel's mouth on my breast.'

'We can do that,' Nicky said.

'Totally,' Nathaniel said.