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Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 22) Laurell K. Hamilton 2022/8/5 16:54:14

Nathaniel requested an addition. He wanted my hands tied. I said, 'But with my hands tied and the gag it takes away my no, my safeword.'

'That would be the idea,' he said.

I debated, but it was something that Nathaniel had wanted for a long time, and with Nicky to partner him it seemed like a better idea. I totally and completely wouldn't have done it if it had been Nathaniel and Asher. He was a true sadist and a serious power tripper; I would never willingly put myself in a position with Asher to not be able to say stop. But Nicky, I trusted him more, so ...

I sat on the bed between them, Nicky's hand squeezing the breath from my throat, controlling me with all that strength, while Nathaniel fitted the gag, forcing my mouth wide and wider like Nicky's kiss had done, so that the gag was like a continuation of the kiss. By the time Nathaniel had the gag fitted and tied behind my head, my body needed to breathe again and I was fighting the panic. I tapped out. Nicky released, and I found out that I could breathe both around the ball gag and through my nose.

Nathaniel came back around where he could see my face. 'Is it okay?'

He smiled and kissed my forehead. Then he picked up one of the straps that he and Nicky had threaded under the mattress earlier. It had a black nylon cuff on it that closed with Velcro on the end of it. The moment I'd seen the Velcro cuffs I'd known he brought them for me, not for him, because I liked the Velcro. I could, if I had to, get out of them, but up to that point they were secure and gave the illusion of me being trapped, but it was an illusion. Nathaniel liked leather cuffs, or handcuffs, because he liked more than just the illusion of being trapped.

To my questioning look he'd said, 'You like to be tied up when you're under stress, too.'

To that I hadn't known what to say, so I wisely let it go.

I lay down on the bed with Nathaniel on one side and Nicky on the other. Nathaniel fastened the first cuff securely around my wrist. My wrists were tiny enough that we actually had trouble finding handcuffs that fit me, but the Velcro went down nice and snug. My arms were out to the side, not directly overhead. I'd discovered that my shoulders didn't like being tied overhead for long, at all.

Nicky fastened the second cuff in place, though he had to take it down in size twice. He'd never tied me up before.

Nathaniel moved so he could look deeply into my eyes and said, 'Comfortable?'

I pulled on the cuffs, because I liked to struggle and often the fighting against the ropes, or whatever, was what caused real scrapes and bruising. I nodded.

He smiled, and it was a good, warm, happy smile.

Nicky was already settling down on the other side of me. Nathaniel mirrored him. My breasts already had red circles of Nathaniel's teeth in them, but as the two men grinned at each other and both moved their mouths down to my breasts, I was betting I was about to get fresh marks.

They started by sucking my nipples hard enough that I writhed and made small, happy protesting noises through the gag. Then they both wrapped their hand around the softness of my breasts, mounding them up so they could a better mouthful, and then as if they'd practiced it they put as much of my breast into their mouths as they could and bit down. I screamed through the gag, because it wasn't the gradual buildup that Nathaniel had done, but a zero to all-out. If I could have safe-worded, I would have, but then Nicky growled with my breast still deep in his mouth so that the sound vibrated around my breast. I looked down to find that his eyes had slid to lion amber, and there was that thrill of fear in me. I trusted him implicitly, but ... but ... that was the game.

Nathaniel more purred than growled, but the sound vibrated against my breast as well. His eyes were still lavender and human, but the look in them was not my submissive boy. A mix of personalities in the dungeon can change things, and I realized that something about Nicky brought out a more dominant side of Nathaniel.

They growled with my breasts in their mouths, teeth eased a bit, and then they both bit down so hard and sudden that I screamed, and even through the gag it held pain.

They both stopped and drew back. Nicky traced the edge of his bite marks where they went below the earlier ones that Nathaniel had made. 'I got a little blood on this side. Mmmm ...' It wasn't much blood, just tiny red droplets filling in the indentations of his teeth, but he leaned over and licked the wound, and even that hurt.

I made protesting noises.

'No fair,' Nathaniel said. 'I didn't get to taste any blood. I was good.'

'I'll share, or you can make your own.'

Nathaniel looked up at me with a positively evil smile, and then slipped his mouth back over my breast. I was already making protest noises when he bit me. Hard enough that I screamed for real even through the gag.

He drew back to survey his handiwork. 'Now I have blood,' he said, happily. He leaned down and started licking the tiny red droplets on his side. Nicky bent to the wound he'd made and they both lapped and sucked at the blood. It had hurt for them to make the tiny wounds, but the sensation of them licking the wounds wasn't pain; it switched over to a painful pleasure, so that I made small noises through the gag that were halfway between protest and yummy noises.

Nathaniel looked up and asked, 'Was that too hard a bite?'

I nodded, yes, it was too hard.

'Now you've spoiled it,' Nicky said. 'If you hadn't asked we could have done it again.'

'We have to untie her sometime and I don't want her really mad at us.'

Nathaniel moved lower on the bed.

'What are you planning to do?' Nicky asked.

'We're going to run out of time and I want Anita to enjoy the first time we use the gag on her, so I was thinking oral sex and then intercourse.'

'Sounds good, expect I want to do breath play while you eat her out.'

'She can't tap out now. It's a lot more dangerous this way,' Nathaniel said.

Nicky moved up the bed so he was looking directly into my face. 'Do you trust me to do this?'

I studied his face. His eye was human blue again. He seemed calm, steady. I did trust him. I finally nodded.

He rewarded me with a wonderful smile. 'You get started. I'll wait until she's close.'

'Hand me a pillow,' Nathaniel said.

Nicky handed him one and Nathaniel used it to prop me up just enough so that it was easier on the neck, and then he settled between my legs. I gazed down my body to see him give that evil smile again, before he began to lick delicately between my legs. He licked around the edges of me and then did a quick lick right down the middle that made me squirm, and then he settled down to business and licked and rolled that one sweet spot, burying his face deep against me, so he could trace and lick around every edge and crease of me. The warmth began to build inside me. My breathing sped up.

Nicky spoke low to me. 'He really is good at eating pussy.' He caressed my neck, gently, and then he settled his big hand around me, firm and tight, and as the warm pleasure began to build between my legs from Nathaniel's mouth, Nicky squeezed. He squeezed harder and more sudden so that I went from breathing to not, like a switch clicked over.

He stared down into my face while he choked me and Nathaniel ate me out. 'I love how dark your face is getting,' Nicky whispered.

The pleasured weight between my legs built, but I couldn't breathe and my body had trouble concentrating on both. Some people say that suffocation while you orgasm is a high, but to me it was already a distraction so that where I would have tipped over the edge, I stayed on the verge while my body fought not to panic. Nicky eased his grip, studying my face. I took a gasping breath, mostly through my nose.

'It's actually keeping you from orgasming, isn't it?' he asked.

'I want you to orgasm, so we can fuck you and you can feed on me, but I also want to choke you again.'

Nathaniel licked me deep and quick and that building weight of warm spilled over to pleasure. I screamed my orgasm through the gag, grinding myself against Nathaniel's mouth, riding the orgasm as he kept sucking me, bringing me in waves so that I wasn't sure it was just one, or a dozen. When he'd reduced me to an eye-fluttering, boneless, happy, floating afterglow, Nicky whispered against my cheek, 'Are you ready?'

I tried to think, Ready for what? Then I felt his hand at my throat, and even that couldn't make me control my fluttering eyelids enough to see his face. He wrapped that big hand around me and then squeezed. The choking was somehow intermingled with the orgasm's twitching pleasurable afterglow, so that my body didn't fight for air, there was no panic to think through, it was all one flowing piece of sensation.

I felt Nathaniel move the pillow and then felt him hard and ready as he pushed against my opening and then slid inside. The feel of him inside me after the oral sex, with Nicky still choking me, was amazing, but it was like my body couldn't concentrate on both at the same time.

Nicky let go of my throat, and I breathed in deep, almost like a sigh. Nathaniel found his rhythm and began to slide gently in and out of me. He had his eyes closed, head slightly to the side the way he did sometimes when he was trying to last and having to fight his body to do it. He found that spot just inside the opening and caressed himself over it again and again and again, until he brought me screaming, writhing, and spasming underneath him. He made a sound that was almost a cry of his own, his body shuddered, and then with one last thrust I felt him go inside me. It made me cry out again.

He pulled himself out of me and that made us both writhe again. He rolled over to one side of me and gasped, 'Oh, my God.'

Nicky said, 'My turn,' and then he moved between my legs, and even with Nathaniel having done the prep work he still had to push his way inside. 'She always stays so tight.'

'Not always,' Nathaniel said, 'but most of the time.'

Nicky shoved his way inside, and then he leaned over me so that I was staring directly into his face. 'I know you like rough sex. I pounded into you in the shower earlier, but I like knowing that I'm about to pound the fuck out of you and you can't say no, and you can't tell me be gentle. I know you wouldn't tell me that anyway, but I really like that you can't tell me to stop.' And then he did what he said, and started to pound himself in and out of me so that the sound of our flesh hitting together sounded almost like he was spanking me, but faster and harder than any hand. He used the strength of himself, the length, the width, all of himself, grabbing my hips, and holding my ass up at an angle so he could be up on his knees while he pounded himself into me as hard and fast as he could. I was almost, almost there, when he said, 'Can you please choke her one last time while I fuck her. I don't trust me doing it with the gag and the ropes.'

Nathaniel crawled up beside my shoulders and looked down at me. 'Yes?'

He put his much smaller hand around the front of my throat and squeezed. Nicky went back to pounding himself in and out of me so hard and fast that I couldn't keep track. 'Tighter,' he said. 'Make her face change colors.'

Nathaniel squeezed tighter, and that otherworldly strength was there. His hand was smaller, but he squeezed and I felt the blood rushing into my face.

'Hold her up,' Nicky said, and he lost his rhythm for a moment.

Nathaniel used his other hand in my hair to raise my face up so Nicky could watch. That seemed to satisfy him, because he found his rhythm again, hard and fast and deep, and he changed just enough angle so it was deeper, and it threw me over the edge into orgasm while Nathaniel's hands were still on me. I couldn't cry out my orgasm, but my body spasmed for me, and Nicky cried out, as he went inside me.

Nathaniel let go of me and eased me back against the pillows.

Nicky was above me, staring into my face, with his body still buried as deeply as it could go inside me. My eyes were fluttering back and forth so I couldn't focus as much as I wanted, but there was an eager, dark happiness to Nicky's face. I think he was watching the color change in my face.

'I love that you trust me this much,' he whispered.

The gag kept me from saying it back to him, but I did trust him that much, I really did.