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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:46

Now the windows were completely fogged up, and my truck rocked from left to right with her bounces. Anyone who drove by would know exactly what we were doing, and that made it better.

I could feel her tighten around me, see the blush that entered her cheeks as she prepared for a climax that would make her shake. “Still cold?”

She glared at me as she kept going. “Shut up.” She kept bouncing, like my dick was a pogo stick. She bit her bottom lip when she didn’t need a breath, and the tremors in her body were the warning an earthquake was approaching.

This was just a quick fuck on the side of the road, something dirty that would make my truck smell like sex for weeks. I still owned this woman, so I enjoyed calling the shots for a little while longer. I felt my dick thicken as I prepared for an explosion. “It’s coming.”

She buried her face in my neck as she finished, moaning into my body as her hips bucked against me. She ground her clit right against my muscles, her nails dragging down my arms at the same time.

I gripped her hips and kept her firmly seated on my dick as I exploded. I moaned as I filled her, my entire length shoved deep inside her so I could give her my come at the deepest angle. Killing a man used to give me the greatest high in the world, but it didn’t compare with coming inside this woman. This feeling really made me feel like a man, not all my money and power. It was the closest to heaven I would ever get.

She pulled away so she could look me in the eye, satisfaction in her gaze. “Is this what you do with your other girls?”

I’d fucked women in an alleyway, in a bathroom stall, and at the Underground. There was nothing special about those screws. They were just about getting off. But I’d never wanted someone so much that I had to pull over on the side of the road just to give a deposit. “No. You’re the only girl I’ve ever had.”

The sheets rested around our waists, and I slept against his side, my arm draped over his hard stomach and my head on his chest. My leg was tucked between his knees and my fingers felt the grooves of his abs as I felt my eyes grow heavy. He’d just been between my legs, his lips caressing mine like a man in love with a woman. He’d filled me with his seed, his eyes locked on mine as he entered me in such a deep way.

Now we lay together in silence, the evening deepening.

I slept beside this man every single night. I could go to my bedroom for space, but now all my clothes were in his closet and that room was abandoned. It had returned to its former glory as a guest bedroom…not that he had many guests.

I was excited to be free again, to live a life without Lucian oppressing me. I could get a coffee at my favorite café like I used to. I could walk the streets without looking over my shoulder. But I would also sleep in an empty bed, Balto not there to keep the sheets warm. My life would return to normal, but it would always feel like I was missing something.

I wished this man could be in my bed forever.

Maybe I was only attached to him because the sex was so good. Maybe I only liked him because he was the first man who was honest and loyal. All of his other traits were characteristics I wouldn’t want in a man.

Like the fact that he was a criminal.

He moved my hand off his body then slid out of bed. When he grabbed his jeans off the floor and pulled a t-shirt out of the closet, I knew he wasn’t just going to the bathroom before bed. He pulled on his clothes.

I sat up in bed, just as disappointed by his departure as I was any other time he left. It wasn’t only about feeling safe. It was about the comfort of having him beside me. I’d become used to the sound of his deep breathing while he slept, the occasional snore that annoyed me at the time but also reminded me he was there. In the midst of winter, he kept the sheets so warm, acting as my personal heater. And he was built like a brick house, so he was my own bear. “Please don’t go…” I was a proud woman who didn’t like to admit weakness. But for whatever reason, I wore my heart on my sleeve for this man. My emotions were as plain as written text. And I didn’t care if he thought I was being clingy. Maybe I was clingy. It made no difference to me.