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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:47

“Five.” I pulled back the covers and got into bed.

“You were gone all night.”

I turned her onto her back and moved on top of her. My thighs separated hers, and I held myself over her frame, anxious for sex before I went to sleep. I’d had a long night, and tensions were high. A good fuck was the best way to unwind. She could go back to bed when I was finished.

She was receptive like always. Her hands glided up my chest, and she widened her legs farther because she was ready to take me. Her eyes looked into mine with a sleepy cast, but there was desire there—along with deep affection. Her eyes swept across my body until they focused on my neck. Her eyes narrowed noticeably before she reached up and dragged her fingers across my skin.

I knew what she spotted before she said a word. I forgot to wipe away the woman’s lipstick after she kissed me.

She brought her fingers close to her face and examined the bright-red color that stained her fingertips. She rubbed her tips together before she gave me a look of accusation. “Looks like someone had a long night…”

My woman got so jealous. Anytime she thought I was fooling around while she slept alone, she got so angry. It was cute most of the time, except when I looked like a lying two-timer. Right now, I appeared pretty guilty.

“Care to explain this?” Her hand pressed against my stomach, keeping my dick from sliding inside her.

My hand slid into the back of her hair, and I held myself on top of her, eager to have this conversation while I was inside her. That pussy was home to me, the only place I ever wanted to be. Since she was my prisoner, I could have had as many women as I wanted. I didn’t owe her anything. But she was the only woman I wanted to have, the only woman I wanted to kiss. “A prostitute asked me to be the pimp for her girls. She’s the mastermind behind the biggest prostitution ring in the city, and she’s having a hard time getting men to pay for services. Her girls are getting hurt because of it—physically and financially. I said no because I don’t have the time or the interest. She kissed me on the neck before she left.” That was the truth, and if Cassini didn’t believe me, I would fuck her anyway.

Her guard slowly lowered, and the accusation that had been heavy in her gaze a moment ago faded away. She grabbed my hips and directed me inside her, pushing my crown past her lips and pulling me deep inside her.

I sank until there was nowhere else to go. Completely sheathed in her goodness, I was home. Her pussy felt better than usual, and I knew that had nothing to do with her wetness and tightness. The trust shone in her eyes, her immediate acceptance of my story. She knew I didn’t want anyone else. She knew I wasn’t sneaking around behind her back when she was the only woman I wanted to come home to. That innate trust was the sexiest thing in the world, something that made me harder than I’d ever been in my entire life. My fist tightened on her hair, and I kissed her. “You know you’re the only woman I want.”

She gripped my lower back and guided my thrusts, telling me how she wanted me to make love to her. “I know…”

When noon came around and Balto still wasn’t awake, I went into the bedroom and found him lying on his back, his head turned to the side as his large chest rose and fell with his even breaths.

I pulled the sheets down slightly and spotted his hard dick, his morning wood in the afternoon. He must have had a long night last night because he didn’t usually sleep this late. He normally would have been done with the gym by now.

I peeled off my clothes and straddled his hips, stirring him slightly but not enough to wake him up. I guided his length inside me then slowly slid down, getting every single inch exactly where it belonged. I moved until I felt his balls against my ass.

A deep moan escaped his lips, and he inhaled a deep breath like the sensation was enough to make him gasp for air. His hands absentmindedly reached for my hips, and when he felt me, he lifted me slightly. His head turned my way and he opened his eyes, a sleepy look deep within. He enjoyed my cunt too much to be angry I’d woken him up. His fingers dug into my belly and back as he squeezed me on top of him. “You have my attention.”

“Good.” I arched my back and slid up and down his length, my hands pressed against his hard chest for balance. I’d never felt more satisfied with another man inside me, not even with my lovers before Evan. Balto felt like the first man I’d ever really been with. All the others just seemed like practice…and torture.