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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:47

He guided my hips up and down, watching my tits shake as I slid down to his base and back up again. “You’re a pro with my dick.”

“Because I love him.” Balto made me feel fuller than I ever had. If he didn’t arouse me so much, his size would just be painful. But since he was the sexiest man in the world, his enormous package was addictive, more addictive than drugs.

“He loves you too, baby.” He thrust up to meet me, working his hard body to meet me halfway.

When I’d seen the lipstick stain on his neck, I’d immediately jumped to conclusions. Another woman had made her mark on him, had claimed him as hers while he was out late at night. But then I remembered that this man wouldn’t lie to me, that if he said he was my man, then he was. I couldn’t be surprised when other women threw themselves at him, when they came to his side and placed a kiss on his neck as they tried to seduce him. Not only was he the most powerful man in this city, but he was also the hottest. Built like a brick house with a face so handsome he belonged in movies not crime, he was the kind of man a woman would touch herself to. I couldn’t expect to hog him forever without repercussions.

I came around his length, my nails leaving marks in his skin. My hips bucked on their own, and I lost my breath as I screamed his name. This man always gave me the best climaxes, brought me to the edge of oblivion before I descended into heaven.

His hands palmed both of my tits as he finished, grunting in the sexiest way as he filled me. “Baby…” His body tightened under mine, and he squeezed my tits harder, his dick thickening to an even more impressive size.

I loved feeling his come inside me, feeling the weight of this man’s arousal. It had never turned me on before, but now it was the sexiest feeling in the world. When he left for the night, I still felt like I had a piece of him when his seed was inside me.

I slowly pulled off him so the come wouldn’t drip everywhere before I lay beside him in bed.

He lay there with his large dick resting against his stomach, a noticeable sheen glistening on it from my wetness. His eyes closed for a moment, like the pleasure made him drift right back to sleep.

I was satisfied, but I had also failed in my mission. My goal was to get him to wake up, not climax then go right back to bed. I watched him for a moment, seeing the way his breathing changed as he drifted back to sleep.

It was unlike him to be so tired, so I let him be.

I put my clothes back on and returned to the living room.

The elevator doors opened and revealed Heath, who was turned around and facing the opposite direction. “Are you decent? Can I come in?”

I was in jeans and a t-shirt. Other than the fact that I was a little sweaty from screwing Balto, I looked presentable. “Yes.”

Heath turned around then stepped inside. “And it’s cool if I visit? I don’t want that psychopath to shoot me in the foot.”

“It’s fine. He’s asleep.”

“Really?” He walked inside, looking identical to Balto.

Since I knew Balto so well, I could spot their differences immediately. Their posture was distinctive, and their presence definitely left a unique impact. “Do people ever get you guys confused at the Underground?”

“Really?” I asked in surprise.

“Balto has been with his men forever. They can practically sense him.” He joined me in the kitchen. “Did I stop by at the perfect time?”

“What’s the perfect time?”

“Lunchtime.” He didn’t touch me or try to give me a hug. He kept his distance, honoring his brother’s request.

“Well, I was gonna make a sandwich. You want one?”

“Definitely. I don’t have any food at my place.”

“So you’re here for free food?” I asked with a laugh.

“Yes, and I have no shame.”

I made two turkey sandwiches and opened a bag of chips. We sat at the kitchen table and shared the large bag in the middle of the table.

He took enormous bites of his sandwich, reminding me of a shark that took large chunks out of its prey. He ate faster than Balto and with less restraint. His bites were always so big that it took him forever to chew.

“So, who’s the skank who left that lipstick mark on his neck?”

Heath was about to take a bite of his sandwich, but he lowered his food instead. “I’m sure he already told you the story.”

“She’s a high-class prostitute, so obviously. But not prettier than you.”

I smiled. “Good answer.”

“Balto doesn’t think there’s any woman prettier than you. He grabbed her by the wrist and threatened to break her hand if she touched him again.”