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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:48

He stayed buried inside me, his cock semi-soft because he’d just come inside me. “Baby, as much as I love watching you beg like this, you know I can’t stay.” He held his massive body on top of mine with just his arms, his biceps and triceps working together to lift a slab of bricks. “I’m an honorable man. Honorable men don’t abandon their post.”

“But you’ve been gone every single night—”

“That’s how it is sometimes.” He kissed the corner of my mouth as his cock slowly thickened once more. “Your pussy is a fucking magnet for my dick, but it can’t keep me here forever.” When his cock returned to full size, he started to move in and out of me, his length sliding past previous loads.

“It can try…” My fingers slid into his hair, and I brought his lips to mine for a kiss.

His mouth was immobile for a moment, like he wanted to resist me and turn away. But with his dick throbbing inside me, turning away my affection was impossible. His lips caressed mine, and soon he was giving me his tongue. His thrusts picked up speed, and then he was moaning against my mouth. “Fuck, you make me so weak.” He pushed completely inside me then pulled out again, moaning as he felt how wet I was.

“I know how much my man loves my pussy.” My ankles released because he wasn’t going anywhere, and I widened my legs so he could position himself deeper inside me. I broke our kiss to stare at his expression, to see him abandon the fight altogether. Now all he could do was enjoy me, even if his men were waiting for him to show up at the Underground.

“Yes.” His arms pinned my knees back so he could fuck me harder, make the headboard tap against the wall with his deep thrusts. “I love my woman’s pussy.” He worked up a sweat as he kept the quick pace for several minutes, taking longer to come because he’d already pumped so many of his loads into me that evening.

“Stay inside me all night…” My hands moved up his chest, and I looked him in the eyes, seeing him stare back at me with sexy concentration. “You still need to fuck me in the mouth and the ass.”

He stopped mid-thrust, his eyes closing for a second as my words caught him by surprise. “Jesus, baby.” He stopped and shuddered, his body tensing as he released inside me. He pumped another load deep inside me, moaning louder than before.

I gripped his hips and pulled him tighter to me, getting every drop of his come.

He breathed on top of me, his cock slowly softening. He rested his forehead against mine as he recovered, this Greek god covered in sweat. His breath slowed until his cock was completely soft inside me.

“Stay.” My hands massaged his shoulders. “Please…”

He pulled out of me gradually and let his come drip from my entrance. “You know I can’t.” He moved off the bed quickly, as if he was trying to get out of arm’s reach. “I’ll be home in the morning.”

I pouted my lips as I watched him get dressed, disappointed I couldn’t get him to change his mind.

He moved quickly, getting his clothes on fast before grabbing his phone. He seemed to be in a rush to get out of there as soon as possible. He adopted his usual coldness, like he hadn’t been buried inside me for the last few hours. Indifferent to my presence, he shut down all his human qualities.

I sat up in bed, disappointed I couldn’t seduce this man. It didn’t matter how much he wanted me, his devotion to his position always triumphed over my desires. I was never the first priority. The Skull Kings were.

He turned to me before he walked out. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

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I’d lost the battle so I caved. “Alright.”

He gave me one more glance before he walked out.

When I heard the elevator open and close, I knew he was gone. I lay back in bed, full of his come, and went to sleep.

After I made my rounds, I returned to the Underground. The men unloaded the van and carried all the cash into the main vault, a vault only I had access to. Every Skull King in the organization was rich, making millions every year for their deeds, but I wasn’t stupid enough to let anyone have access to the vault.

I was surrounded by criminals, after all. We were all weak for pussy, but we were even weaker for cash.

I locked the vault then returned to the main room.

Heath was there, drinking with the rest of the men. When he spotted me across the room, he joined me. “I love payday.”

“That makes two of us.” Denise put a drink in my hand without my having to ask. I sat on my throne and watched the men deplete all the bottles of liquor at the bar. If they were drunk, it wasn’t obvious, probably because we were all drunk all the time.