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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:53

It was a soft kiss, a gentle one that showed my love rather than desire. I loved this man with all my heart. I could say it a million times even if he never said it back. My arm hooked around his neck as our lips moved together. Soft kisses became heated and passionate. Our mouths opened and closed, and Balto tightened his hand in my hair, taking a deep breath as all my nerves were set on fire. I knew he’d never kissed another woman this way, and when I was gone, he probably never would.

His arms snaked under my thighs, and he lifted me into the air as he rose to his feet. His muscular physique didn’t strain as he carried my weight across the hall and to the bedroom we’d shared.

I kissed him the entire way, our embraces growing heavier as our pulses sped up. My nails clawed down his back, and he wasn’t even inside me yet. My body tightened in anticipation, and I knew I had to enjoy every single moment because I would never get sex like this again. Another man would never be able to please me the way he did.

He set me on the edge of the bed then yanked my jeans and underwear off in a single tug. His sweatpants dropped, and he pulled my ass over the edge of the bed, his arms cradling my legs by hooking behind my knees. He left my shirt on as he pressed his crown past my lips. With a slight thrust, he pushed through the tightness then sank deep inside.

His eyes grew heavy as he stared at me, clearly enjoying every inch of my tightness. He was a strong man who never showed weakness. The one exception was in moments like this, when he enjoyed being deep inside me. His rough exterior faded away, and he turned into a man who enjoyed a woman. He wasn’t the violent king anymore. He was just Balto.

When he was completely inside me, he leaned over me and held his weight on his arms, his face hovering just above mine. His eyes looked into mine with lust and love, a look he gave me every time we were together. Maybe he wouldn’t tell me he loved me, but he certainly showed it when he wore that look.

My hands moved up his hard body, feeling the riverbeds and mountains of his stomach. I moved to the endless planes of his chest, feeling the smooth slab of concrete that protected me from the horrible things in the world. When I was underneath him like this, it was the safest place in the world.

He started to thrust inside me, enjoying my beauty with his intense gaze. He watched me open my mouth and moan as I felt his massive length inside me. He made my body shake slightly with his movements, my tits rocking with the momentum. His large length was even bigger than it usually was, probably because he wanted me more than he ever had before.

My hands cupped his face, and I brought his lips to mine.

He kissed me as he kept thrusting, making love to me in a way he never did with anyone else. His thrusts were slow and gentle because he took his time. Neither one of us was interested in finding release. All we wanted was to feel each other, to hold on to each other for as long as possible until we had to say goodbye.

The necklace he gave me rested in the valley of my breasts, the heavy diamond right against the bottom of my ribs. I hadn’t taken it off because he hadn’t asked for it. It was impossible to forget about given the weight against my body. It was an extra few pounds around my neck.

He sucked my bottom lip then rested his face near mine as he kept thrusting. “You will always be my queen, baby. Always.”

She was cuddled into my side with her arm draped across my chest. Her hair lay against my arm, and she breathed quietly as she slept. When we took a break during our lovemaking, the exhaustion overcame her and she fell asleep.

My lips moved to her hairline, and I kissed her, my lips gentle so she wouldn’t wake up. When I pulled away, I looked into her face, seeing the most beautiful woman in my arms. When morning came, she would leave me for good. Her memory would haunt me for a long time. I would have to get used to sleeping alone again. I would have to get used to living in this house alone. I’d been alone my entire life and I thrived in solitude, but the idea of going back to that life after spending so much time with her filled me with pain.