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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:44

I lingered under the water for a moment, disappointed that he’d cut himself off from me. I turned off the water then followed him, wrapping myself in a towel.

A towel was around his waist, and beads of water still dropped from his hair, down his neck, and to that rock-hard chest that used to be on top of me every night. He stood at the sink and shaved, getting rid of his deep shadow before it could grow into something serious.

I watched him in the mirror as I rubbed the towel over my hair, letting my naked body be visible in the background. Now that the warm water no longer surrounded me, I was cold. My nipples hardened again for the opposite reason.

Balto focused on his face, shaving his chin until it was completely smooth once more.

My hair was dry enough, so I tossed the towel on the rack. I moved to his backside and pressed a kiss to the center of his shoulder blades. Once he felt my kiss, he stiffened noticeably, letting my lips touch him wherever I wanted. “I’ll be waiting for you on the bed whenever you’re ready.” I grabbed his towel and yanked it off, revealing a fully grown dick that liked my kiss as much as I liked giving it.

I walked out and got into his bed, the bed I hadn’t slept in for a week. It smelled just like him, felt so comfortable, it was like I’d never left. I got on my hands and knees with my ass to the bathroom door, knowing he would like the sight of my freshly shaved body.

His footsteps sounded then stopped.

Without looking at him, I knew he was taking a moment to soak me in.

I glanced at him over my shoulder. “It’s rude to keep a woman waiting.”

His eyes remained deeply serious, but the corner of his mouth rose slightly. He got on the foot of the bed then maneuvered up to me, his big dick ready to be reacquainted with its long-lost love.

He grabbed my hips and rolled me to my back. “That’s better.”

“You like my tits more than my ass?” I opened my legs and bent my knees toward my waist.

“No.” His arms locked behind my knees. His heavy body positioned itself on top of mine, making the bed dip in the way it always did. He slowly lowered himself until his long dick pressed right against my clit.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment, loving the pressure of that throbbing dick.

“Because I want to kiss my woman and watch her come.” He ground against me slightly, his lips just inches from mine.

My plan was to get answers from him and to use sex as an incentive. But now my ambition had decreased substantially.

His lips grazed over mine, but he didn’t kiss me. Instead, he teased me, tortured me. His lips moved to my neck, and he kissed me hard there, his teeth lightly digging into my flesh from time to time. His warm breath trickled across my skin as he devoured me like an animal.

I closed my eyes and tipped my head back, giving him more room. “Balto…” My hands smoothed over his chest, appreciating his muscles and his strong heartbeat. If this man wanted to keep me to himself forever, I was fine with that. There was nowhere else I’d rather be, no other man I’d want between my legs.

He moved his lips to the other side of my neck before he migrated to my chin. He pressed light kisses there before he moved to the corner of my mouth.

If I didn’t get the truth out of him now, I might not get another chance for a long time. “Answer me.” I positioned his face above mine so I could look him in the eye, see the beautiful man who looked so dangerous at the same time.

“What does it matter?”

“It matters to me. Why did you change your mind?”

While keeping his eyes glued to mine, he guided his dick to my entrance. His thick crown pushed through my lips with a slight thrust, but the rest of the way was all smooth. He sank deep inside me, taking a deep breath as he felt me.

My toes curled so hard, I got a cramp in both feet.

He held himself on top of me, buried to the hilt with a dark look in his eyes. He didn’t kiss me, but he stared me down like I was his enemy more than his lover. “I turned around because you deserve better. I turned around because I want to fight for you. I turned around because this pussy is mine—and only mine. I turned around because you’re my woman—and I’m your man.”

“Balto…” My hand cupped his cheek, and I kissed him, full of his enormous dick.