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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:54:44

He kissed me the way I liked, slow and full of purposeful embraces. His lips felt mine with passion, moving with mine in an erotic dance that made my toes curl all over again. His strong arms kept me in place as his mouth made love to mine. With some tongue here and a gentle bite there, he kissed me better than anyone else ever had. This was a man’s kiss, a real man’s kiss.

He started to thrust inside me, his enormous length moving all the way in before gliding out. When just his thick crown was inside me, he shoved himself in again, hitting me deep and at the perfect spot.

He moved a little harder without breaking our kiss, his hips thrusting perfectly to hit me where I wanted it most.

I was going to come already. My wetness smeared across his length all the way to his base. I felt it drip down my crack and stain the bed. My hands moved to his shoulders, and I dug my nails deep as I came. “Fuck…Balto.”

He ended our kiss so he could watch me, watch me come around his dick. “Baby, you make me wanna come when you look like that.”

I moaned in his face then grabbed his ass with both hands. “Give it to me…please.”

We started to move hard together, fucking each other mindlessly as we both reached ecstasy.

He made the sexiest expression when he released, a grunt erupting from deep in his throat. His cock thickened inside me, and he shuddered as he finished, exploding inside my pussy. “There you go, baby.”

I finished as I felt the warmth inside me, as I felt his dick thicken then soften once he was done. “Yes…”

He pressed his face into the crook of my neck as he caught his breath, his cock slowly softening inside me. Instead of pulling out and rolling over like usual, he stayed inside me and moved his mouth to my nipples. He sucked each one hard before he kissed the valley between my breasts.

In no time, he was hard again. “My woman want more of my come?” His arms remained planted behind my knees, and he held his lips over mine.

“Yes.” My fingers moved into his short hair, and I cradled him close to me. “Please.”

We spent the entire day in bed, making love and napping in between. When the late evening arrived, we realized neither one of us had eaten all day. That wasn’t a big deal for me, but for a large man like him, it was a much bigger problem.

“How about we order a pizza?”

“You can order a pizza.” He lay on his back with his arm wrapped around me, holding me against his side as my head rested on his shoulder. “I’ll make something.”

“Come on, you can’t cheat once in a while?”

“No.” His fingers played with my hair as he looked at me. “A man like me has to have the discipline of a monk.”

“Only because you set unrealistic expectations for yourself.”

“They aren’t unrealistic. They’re necessary.”

I rolled onto my stomach then held myself up on my elbows. I stared at the man who had taken me so many times that my body couldn’t hold his load anymore. Instead of taking me in different positions, he was always on top, his eyes always connected to mine. Like I’d said before, he never fucked me like I was a just whore with tits and an ass. He fucked me like I was a real woman, a person he had a connection with. “I knew there was something here…even if you wouldn’t admit it.”

His gaze stern, he stared at me with his impenetrable gaze.

“Dying wasn’t the only reason I didn’t want to go back to Lucian. I didn’t want to leave you either. Since that moment we met in the bar, you’ve given my life new meaning. You’ve given me things I never thought a man could give to a woman.”

“Like?” he asked, his voice quiet.

“Honesty. Loyalty. Gentleness. They are rare qualities to find in a man.”

“I don’t know about the gentleness part.”

“Well, you were pretty gentle just now.”

He looked away, as if the accusation offended him. “I don’t want to talk about what we are anymore. Let’s just be what we are.”

It was a weird thing to say, and I didn’t even know what he meant. “Sorry?”

“You heard what I said.” He slipped back into his sour mood once more.

I watched him closely, seeing the annoyance move back into his gaze. “You’re an honest man. Why don’t you just say exactly what you mean? Because I have no idea why you become so cold every time this conversation is broached.”

He stared at the ceiling for a moment before his gaze turned back to me. “Alright.” He moved his hand under his head, the muscles of his torso tightening at his movements. “I saved you because I couldn’t let you be tortured and killed. It would haunt me every single day for the rest of my life. When you told me you’d given up in the car, that there was no point in fighting because there was no situation where you would ever win, I realized you were right. You’ve never had a chance. You’ve been betrayed by men your entire adult life. If I didn’t save you, no one would. That felt wrong to me, that you were shackled into slavery just because you were loyal. You’re a good person, but nothing but terrible things happen to you.”