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The Skull Ruler (Skull 3) Penelope Sky 2022/8/5 16:55:03

Whether we had a boy or a girl, they would be gorgeous. With her innate beauty, she would give me the most beautiful children. My eyes trailed over her body, my dick thickening noticeably because she was so sexy. Her tits were bigger than they used to be and her hips were a little thicker, but I loved both of those changes. “Those too.”

She hooked her fingers in the straps then pushed the thong down her hips. She bent over as she peeled it off her long legs. It sat on the floor, a noticeable pool of moisture from her arousal.

She was always wet—just the way she used to be.

She moved to the bed then lay beside me.

“No.” I patted my chest.

She eyed me with uncertainty, like getting on my body was the last thing she wanted to do even though she used to do it all the time.

“Come on.” I started to tug her toward me.

“How about you get on top?”

She wasn’t a lazy lover, so I knew there was something bothering her. “What is it?”

“I just don’t think it would be the most flattering position for me…” She moved her hand across her stomach.

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“Baby, why do you think I want you on top? Now, do as I say.” I took hold of her arm and gently tugged her toward me.

She finally did as I asked and straddled my hips.

My palms immediately went to her stomach, and I felt the roundness of her shape. My fingers lightly felt the soft skin, wishing I could feel my son’s heartbeat. My eyes trailed over her body and enjoyed her beauty, finding every single curve absolutely stunning. I loved her stomach most of all, loved looking at it. It’d quickly become a fetish of mine, seeing her pregnant belly. “You’re fucking beautiful.” My hands spanned her belly.

She lifted herself up then sank down my length, slowly getting every single inch inside until she was sitting on me, her ass on my balls. Her lips parted with a deep breath, and her nipples hardened automatically.

“Fuck me, baby.” My eyes looked at the silver necklace that hung around her throat and reached between her breasts. The diamond was brilliant and flashy, but it couldn’t outshine the woman who wore it. Even when she was completely naked, I still owned her, I still blanketed her.

She started to rock her hips as her hands pressed against my chest. She used my frame for balance as she leaned forward and dragged her body down my length.

My toes curled because her pussy felt so good. Her cunt was the only place my dick wanted to be. Beautiful women had wanted me every night, had wanted to suck my dick just to have a piece of me, but I always turned them down because there was only one woman I wanted. Anyone else would have been a disappointment.

My hands didn’t migrate to her tits or her other curves. They stayed on her stomach because it was my biggest obsession. I felt her body slide across my palms as she moved, felt the life under my fingertips.

She must have seen the desire in my eyes and dropped her insecurity because she came quickly, closing her eyes and her lips at the same time. She inhaled deeply, practically gasping for air, and then she came with a moan, her hips bucking uncontrollably.

It was my job to make her feel sexy—and I was glad I succeeded.

My arms wrapped around her body, and I pulled her close to me, my face burying itself in her neck. I squeezed her tightly as I dragged my tongue across her skin, as I loved her so fiercely, it felt like the last chance I would get to love her. My dick was so big inside her, but I refrained from exploding, wanting to last until she was fully satisfied with me. “I love you, baby.” My lips rested near her ear, and I breathed hard as I enjoyed her, feeling my mind and body slip away in passion.

She dug her fingers into my hair as her come surrounded my dick. “I love you too…”

I joined my brothers at the factory and told them Balto and I were back together. There’d been bad blood between them and Balto, but that anger seemed to have disappeared overnight. Dirk was more stubborn than Case, but even he was okay with it.

“You think he’s not going to change his mind later?” Dirk asked. “If he gets bored in a few years.”

The thought had crossed my mind, but Balto had been so intense when he’d pledged his commitment to me, the doubts faded away. He would be there for me always. We were starting a family, and he wanted to be a good father. He wanted us to be a family. “That won’t happen. He seems like a new man.” I felt my lips strain from smiling all the time, but I couldn’t get my mouth to relax. I’d been so depressed for the last few months, so finally being happy was practically euphoric.