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The Sheik and the Christmas Bride Susan Mallery 2022/8/5 16:56:48

And then she knew. He touched her gently, almost teasing, fingers lightly brushing her skin. He moved against her tight nipple. She groaned. It wasn’t a sound she’d ever made before and she wanted desperately to have reason to make it again.

He explored both breasts, then reached behind her to unfasten her bra. He eased his hand under the cup and touched her again. This time bare skin on bare skin.

It was amazing, she thought, her body practically shaking. She hadn’t known she was capable of such sensations. More. She wanted more. More touching, more naked, more kissing, more everything.

As’ad drew back and stood. She opened her eyes and wondered what she’d done wrong. Why was he stopping? Then he bent down and picked her up in his arms. He cradled her against him and kissed her, even as he began to walk across the rug toward the bedroom.

It was the most romantic moment of her life. As they stepped into the darkness of her bedroom, she knew that she wanted to be with him, to experience making love with him. Perhaps there should have been questions or fears, but her mind was free of both. She only knew that her body seemed to recognize him and welcome him. He made her tremble and feel and she wanted more of that.

He lowered her to her feet, then closed the door behind them and turned on a bedside lamp. The light was dim, which was probably better, because as much as she wanted more, she was a little nervous about being naked. People did get naked when they made love, didn’t they?

She thought about asking, but then he was kissing her again and speaking seemed really unimportant. His hands were everywhere, gently easing her dress from her shoulders so it puddled at her feet, then removing her bra.

Even as he stroked her tongue with his, he put both his hands on her breasts, cupping the curves and teasing her nipples with his thumbs. It was good—better than good. It was amazing.

Her body was suddenly a great unknown to her. She didn’t have any idea about what she would experience next, but she wanted it all.

When he bent his head down and took her breast in his mouth, she gasped, then grabbed him to help herself stay standing. Fire roared through her, settling between her legs where the heat grew.

She knew the mechanics of what went on between a man and a woman, but she’d never imagined it could be so good. He moved back and forth between her breasts, licking them with his tongue, sucking until she wanted to scream. It was amazing and arousing and intriguing.

When he moved them to the bed, she went eagerly, wanting to know what else there could be, what other experiences she could have. He removed the rest of her clothes and she shocked herself by not minding that she was naked. Not when he stared down at her with a fire even she could see in his eyes.

“I want you,” he breathed. “All of you. Kayleen, I want to touch you and taste you and be inside of you. But I will not take what isn’t offered.”

He had her at “I want you.” She reached out to touch his hand, then gently tugged until he knelt next to her.

“You are eager?” he asked quietly.

“I’m shameless. I want you to touch me.” She couldn’t say the other stuff, but she was thinking it. She wanted to know what it was like to be with a man—to be with him.

He removed his shoes and socks, then shrugged out of his shirt. His chest was broad and muscled, with a light dusting of hair she itched to touch. Then he stretched out next to her and smiled.

“I will go slowly,” he told her, tracing the shape of her mouth with his finger. “Tell me if anything frightens you or hurts you and I will stop.”

“I know it’s going to hurt when you, um, well, you know.”

His smile faded. “It will, for a moment. Do you wish to stop?”

“Good. Neither do I.”

He took her hand in his and brought it below his waist. She felt the hard thickness of him.

“This is what you do to me,” he told her. “This is what touching you does to me.”

His words and his arousal filled her with a feminine power she’d never experienced before. It hadn’t occurred to her that a man could want her that way. Or any way. A shiver raced through her as desire and anticipation both grew.

He leaned in and kissed her again. His hand settled on her stomach, an unfamiliar weight. She told herself not to think about it, but then he was moving down her belly to the apex of her thighs.

His touch was light and gentle, more teasing than insisting. When he reached the curls only slightly darker than her hair color, she wasn’t sure what to do.

A single finger eased between the curls. It explored her, which was really sort of nice. She wouldn’t mind him touching her more if he—

He brushed against the very center of her. She’d heard about that place, of course, but had wondered how she would ever know if she was touched there. Stupid question, she thought happily as delicious, erotic fire raced through her. She knew. How could she not know?