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Stormy Nights C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 16:57:57

“To Miami. I’m scheduled to leave tomorrow,” she answers.

I look up from my phone and see her stepping into the shower. I groan because she’s so sexy. I want her again, but I’m not letting her go to a Miami beach without me. That’s just not going to happen

“Shit, okay. Let’s change your flight to two days from now. Then we’ll go together. I can’t get everything organized by tomorrow.” I kick off my shoes and drop my clothes to the floor, stepping out of them and walking into the shower. It’s a little small, just like her apartment, but that’s good—it means we’ll have to be close together. I slide in behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder blade. I want her again, but she’s got to be sore as fuck. My dick definitely is feeling the pain of her tight womb. It hits me that we didn’t use any protection. Not that I want her on it anyway. We’ve had three years to wait for a baby. Now is as good a time as ever.

“Lillian, are you on any birth control?” I ask.

She’s a virgin, so probably not. She gasps and tenses up, and I know my answer. “I can’t believe we did it without anything.”

“I don’t care that we had sex without birth control. I want you to have all the babies I can put in you,” I say, kissing her neck.

“But…” she stammers, attempting to argue.

“Don’t start, Lillian,” I whisper, continuing my assault on her senses. “I want you to have my babies, and we’ve got three years to make up for.” I go back to tasting her pulse. She moans, effectively ending our conversation and tilting her head to give me more access. The spray of the shower pours over us. It’s enough for me to want to take her again. I lift her leg and hold it up while she stretches her arm to the wall for support. I line up my cock, rubbing her entrance before pushing in from behind. We’re the perfect fit. I fuck into her unprotected womb leisurely until she starts taking control. It’s not long before I hear her orgasm come from her sexy mouth and her pussy squeezing my dick. I join her, giving her every ounce of cum I have left.

When I pull out of her sweetness and set her on her feet, I steel my arms around her as our hearts return to a normal steady pace. “I love you, Lillian.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that.”

“And you won’t, but I think it’s time we washed our asses. The water’s getting colder and cold water and men don’t go well together.” She giggles so prettily, but my ass is serious. My cock is large but add cold water, and the fucker can make me look like a little boy.

After a quick wash, I step out first wrapping a towel around my waits. Once she’s ready, I take another towel and bundle her up in it. She reaches behind me and grabs another one for her hair. And I mentally take a note on that for next time.

We dry off in the bedroom, dropping the towels onto the floor and falling into bed. “We should talk,” I mention as we get comfortable. There’s a lot to talk about like how I want her to marry me tomorrow and shit.

“In the morning,” she responds with a sigh, tucking her head onto my chest. I steal my arms around her and fall asleep holding the only woman I’ll ever love.

My phone buzzes just as I’m drifting off to sleep, and I reach over to pick it up and read a text from Ian. Congratulations, fucktard.

And this is why I’m the editor, I text back, turning off my phone for the night. I’ve no intention of being interrupted again with her in my arms.

The next morning, the sun is starting to rise, but I sure my family probably bombarded my phone with messages. I get out of bed and head to the kitchen. I turn it on while looking for the stuff for some coffee. Once I get that started, I check my phone and damn I have ten messages from my mother and brother.

I listened to the voicemails and read the text messages, but the biggest and more important one came from Ian. Fuck I can picture the smile on his face as he typed it.

Charlotte and I are getting married in a week!!! And you’re going to be an uncle!!!

Damn, that would make her pretty far along. They’ve got a head start, but we’ll be catching up soon if I get my way. God, the thought of getting Lillian pregnant crosses my mind many times over. I want her to have my babies. I’ve wanted that for years.