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Stormy Nights C.M. Steele 2022/8/5 16:57:58

“Nope, certainly not,” she mutters, stifling a giggle. I’ve had enough. I’m going to fucking eat her out and then fuck her until she passes out. Miami doesn’t seem to be a good idea anymore. I need to take her to a place where she keeps her clothes on out in public.

I squat down and wrap my hands around her legs, flipping her over my shoulder, and carry her back into the rental beach house. We don’t make it to the bed. Instead, I hit the kitchen nook and set her on the hardwood table. Grabbing the front of the skimpy bra, I tear it in half. Her tits were way too big for that poor excuse for a bandage.

“Hey, that’s my only one,” Lillian whines, but I just give her a big motherfucking grin.

“Good, then we won’t have a repeat of that damn nipple slip.” I bend down and suck in said nipple. She cries out and thrusts her chest forward. Next, to go are the barely-there bottoms. Then, I lower my body down, slinging her thighs over my shoulders and eat my way to her first orgasm. I rise up and in one solid motion claim my wife, fucking her hard enough to move the five-hundred-pound table. I take her mouth as I plunge inside her. I’m repeatedly thrusting until we’re so close I can feel tiny pulses teasing my cock. “You’re mine, Lillian. Only mine. Only I get to see you naked, feel your tight pussy, and lick every inch of you,” I growl, slamming into her depths. I feel my balls rise and my spine tingle as we both come. She rests on her elbows while I press my head onto her chest. Damn, I wonder if she has any other provocative pieces to drive me nuts.

“I love you, my beast.” She hugs me, loosening her grip to look up into my eyes.

I know I’m a beast, but it’s the only way I know how with her. She’s my everything and then some. There are no words for the way I need her. “Love you more, my devious beauty,” I whisper, kissing her again.

“I lied. I have one more.” She’s got the largest grin on her face, and I know it’s because she needs more. We’ve been insatiable, and I’ll always feel that way about her. The woman is perfection. I’m a lucky man.

“Good, try and wear it tomorrow and see what happens,” I warn her. I can think of a new way to fuck her. Maybe on the closed-off balcony with the cool air hitting her hard nipples.

“Maybe I’ll try it on now,” she dares me, making my cock come back strong and ready for a round two.

“Maybe it’s not a good idea. Look, baby.” I point toward the nearest window. The skies have darkened. It’s going to be a nice storm.

“You know, I’m really beginning to love stormy nights,” she states, rubbing her pussy back and forth on my still-hard cock.

I have my final round of edits to finish before my latest book goes to my dear hubby and his team. I’m wearing the cutest sundress just to ease the tension I know he’s bringing home. Half an hour ago I received a text message from his assistant that Nick’s on his way home and seems ticked off.

Makayla and I had a little talk the Monday that Nick returned to the office. I found out that Ian told her to call him Nicky in front of me to spur on our relationship. Apparently, everyone around was well aware of Nick’s feelings for me except me.

Ten minutes later, Nick storms in the house with a frustrated look on his face. I turn my head to him from the kitchen table where I’m working on the last edits. “What’s the matter?” I ask, already having a feeling what it’s about.

“Your book tour. It’s been downgraded.” Yep, that’s exactly what I thought it was since I’m the one who made that decision. “And it’s starting in three months instead of five months from now, which pushes the book release date up a couple weeks.”

“Oh, I know, so I had to make some changes. You’ll have the final version of the book in a few days, so I’m not too worried about that. I talked to your brother, and he agreed that doing a promo online can start next week. The book is already up for preorder and is doing phenomenal.”

“What’s going on, babe? Why the sudden rush?” he asks, running his hands through his hair. I know that changes his work time frame, but he sits up when I’m sleeping just to read the new pages.

“Nick, my love, you are one blind man. As it happens, I won’t be able to travel in five months—too many restrictions,” I tell him.